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A Time for Healing

Late afternoon, Eastern time, on April 14, 2009, the Moon (inner self, emotions) harmoniously links herself to the Sun (outer self, ego), Chiron (wounds, healing), and Neptune (insight, healing). That same evening, the Sun's growing optimistic alignments with Chiron and Neptune become exact. This fortuitous event signals a time to heal the self, internally & externally.

How am I broken? What needs healing in my life? What wounds do I have that hinder me from moving forward? Someone once brokenhearted cannot forget the hurt associated with love and is unable to fully give the self to another in a new relationship. A woman driven by jealousy is unable to trust her partner, who has given no cause for the distrust. A man who made a costly decision is now afraid to take any type or level of risk. An adult, who as a child struggled to have basic needs met, loses hope for a better future. So many ways each of us could be broken, carrying wounds unnecessarily throughout our lives.

While Venus (love) continues to be within Pluto's (empowerment) grasp, we are able to love and value the self enough in order to dig deep -- layer upon layer, past the symptoms to find the true source of whatever may ail us. With Mercury (thoughts) in Taurus, our mind is stable and practical. He begins an easy connection with Saturn (reality) which might help give clarity to what is revealed as we dig deep. Use the Mars-Uranus energy to act and break away from what has become the established norm, push through the pain, the disappointment, the doubt, the fear, and rise above. Heal the self and move freely towards the life of your dreams.

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