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At times we all need affirmation and a sense of direction...
9/11/2011 - Theresa C. says: And my three chart reading with Jan did just that for me!! Her command of the many variables of astrology was incredible and her ability to explain it was keen. She picked up on so much of what I had so very heavily been wondering about-Brava!!!

A really good decision
7/30/2011 - Emily N says: I had a solar return reading last year and decided to have another this year. I am so glad I did because Jan touched on topics from last year -- what had ended and what was continuing into this year. I love it because it helps me map out my year in a way, and affirms feelings and ideas I have already been having. This reading was especially comforting and gave me clarity, confidence and more perspective on who I am and where I am going. Thanks Jan!!

7/4/2011 - Tami tweeted: @astrogrrl *ROCKS* ~~> she is spot-on the stars <~~ Gratitude for her insights... xx

7/1/2011 - Kriz tweeted: looking to make sense of what the stars are trying to tell you? Look no further than #FF @astrogrrl gentle, practical & always on point.

Fantastic reading - Highly recommended
6/19/2011 - Heidi S. says: I just had my first ever chart reading and went for the Triple Chart. I highly recommend it, as Jan did an amazing job pointing out what was meaningful, unique and important in my charts and helping me understand what the various positions of the planets, at my birth and now, mean for me. She is lovely to speak with, and her suggestions of how I can use the energies in my chart to help achieve what I want and avoid tensions is warm, personal, and will stay with me.

Very Enlightening
6/19/2011 - Jodi L. says: I found the reading to be full of appliable information and explained in a way I could understand. I was re-affirmed that the things I am doing for myself are spot-on, and got validation that the areas I am working on in my personal life are exactly where I should be. Thanks!

Spot on
5/4/2011 - Domenico P. says: As an astrologer, I find it important to get a reading from a good astrologer. As I provide this service for others it is always interesting see how another reader works. I was so glad to receive a 12-month transit astrology reading from Jan. She confirmed things with accuracy and more importantly clarity. This reading enriched my own my understanding and ways of relating information as a reader. I was especially impressed by the insight of the relationships between transits and progression astrology. Thank you Jan! –Domenico Petrillo

It was a revelation
4/19/2011 - Lissette S. says: Thank you so much Jan, everything looks much more clear! I have a very peculiar birth chart and the way Jan read it and talked about the transits and how it all plays together, has open my eyes and given me a very much needed clarity. I will definitely be coming back!

4/10/2011 - Karen tweeted: Had a great session with @astrogrrl this afternoon. She rocks! Accurate, thorough, and positive energy. Highly recommended.

3/14/2011 - Laurel said: AWESOME!!! My session with Jan was clear, insightful and awesome. Thanks!

Insightful, positive reading. Perfect to start a New Year with open eyes.
1/10/2011 - Gina M. says: Jan was great; very insightful and thoughtful in the way she presented the transits. She let me know how some of the tougher transits in my reading have an ultimate positive outcome. I really appreciate knowing that, and looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel. It was insightful and a great way to start a new year. I'd recommend anyone I know to get a reading with Jan.

Planning for the future
9/20/2010 - Jessica D. says: Jan's reading was informational, helpful, and reinforced something that I've been working towards lately: planning for the future. She helped me figure out which areas needed more attention, and suggested ways to help track the process so that I could look back and see where all my work was helping me end up. Reinforced also my search for things that make me passionate and that light me up inside. Excellent, thorough reading. Thank you Jan!

8/11/2010 - Jacqueline C says: This week before the New Moon in Leo I had a reading with Jan. I found it extremely informative and very relevant to what has been going on in my life the past year. It was spot on and seemed extremely apt. It gave me some comfort as to seeing that there is light at the end of the tunnel and I have to remain patient just a little longer. I recommend Jan to give anyone a reading if they feel they need a little direction in their life and understanding why certain events have and are taking place. Great stuff Jan and thank you for your help. I will be back!

7/03/2010 - Dianne H says: Jan had a lot of good information to impart, and the central theme of her reading was my question, leaving me wishing I'd asked a less specific question, or a different question altogether. Something about my natal chart and the question I asked seemed to take the reading in a direction that didn't leave any room for other interpretations, (Or, the situation is just that simple.) Good job, all in all, Jan.

Informative, Thorough and Enjoyable
7/07/2010 - Megan H says: This was the first astrology reading I have had done. Jan was wonderful at reading and answering any questions I had afterwards. There were many giggles along the way and by the end of the reading I felt empowered, in place and right on time. Definitely something I will have done again. Thank you! Megan

7/06/2010 - Megan also tweeted: Just got a wonderful astrology reading from @astrogrrl feeling very empowered now. Thank you!

Perfectly synchronous!
7/03/2010 - Judy H says: Our reading pretty much covered all that have been going on in my life, what I've felt in myself, and what I sense is coming. It's wonderful to have the kind of reassurance that Jan has given me, even her suggestions for how to manifest what I want struck me immediately as solid and sound. She is enthusiastic, articulate, and gave me exactly the reading that I needed. It made my day!!

6/30/2010 - Karolina said: Jan is talented, precise, and informative. I know NOTHING about astrology, and she takes you through the basics with lots of clarity, and no witchy-poo hocus pocus hippie speak. It's like everyday wisdom, and her interpretation of my chart revealed many truths which made sense. She's funny, insightful and the entire process was fun. I recommend Jan's readings as a gift or a gift to yourself. It's so worth it...

Insightful and Fun
6/18/2010 - Jordan B says: I chose Jan to read my chart because I follow her impeccable blog, which is consistently on-time and on-point. She told me all the specifics during my reading, but it was exciting to hear what were her intuitive perceptions of my particular chart in regards to my inner life and career/purpose. It's always nice to get a reading from an educated astrologist who is passionate about the field, and it's lovely when he or she is able to convey very helpful information that comes from the heart.

Planet interpretation
5/23/2010 - Mashael M. says: I loved the reading, it was informative, clear and she explained many things. I like the fact that she was prompt and that she followed up the reading with an e-mail.

New Phase
2/6/2010 - Hayley C says: THANK YOU so much Jan! I loved your reading, it made me realise a lot of things about myself, and i'm looking forward to some of the dates you told me about. After your first reading for me you were spot on with everything you told me- so after my second reading i am looking forward to my new phase, and a big year :)

1/27/2010 - Cindy V says: Jan, thank you so much for the chart reading. It is so helpful now, knowing why I am who I am, and how I can "get out of my own way" :). I will definitely be listening to my Scorpio Moon more often! You're a sweet person and I'll be sending a friend your way.

Solar return reading
1/26/2010 - Eileen T says: Thank you so much, Jan! I loved your reading. I especially like your interpretation of the blending of the energies. Take care, and we'll be in touch soon.

eye opening, soul filling
1/08/2010 - Francesca A says: I had an amazing conversation/reading with Jan! She is very sweeet, calming and helpful. Her readings are incredibly insightful and it was a pleasure to get in contact with her. She has shown me a great direction and provided a great service.

Reviews with red stars are duplicated from my Google Places Listing. I have since started using a scheduling site that houses the more recent client feedback.

Awesome 1st experience for a newbie....‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By A Google User - Nov 9, 2009‎
I was a non-believer in astrology at first. However after a reading with Jan It blew my mind our accurate she was. She was very precise and I was very comfortable with her reading of me. I first found her through and have been a subscriber since. She answered my question and explained them to me with her great use of analogies and her creative wit. I highly recommend anyone who wants to get some unanswered questions answered to get in touch with her. ASAP. All the best.‎

Heart (Moon) and Soul (Sun)‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By A Google User - Oct 27, 2009‎
Jan's Cancer-Capricorn eclipse reading for me was phenomenal. Every aspect she shared was so right on with what I have been and am currently experiencing. It helped me to make sense of the lunacy I have been enduring. It also gave me insight into the energies that are coming up which will synchronistically support the plans I have already made. I am excited to see how this eclipse series completes itself for me. And, I am looking forward to having Jan do another eclipse reading for me at the end of 2010. I told her that I don't ever want to lose touch with her! I highly recommend her to everyone. You will be thrilled!‎

A Star among Stars (and moons and planets)‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By A Google User - Oct 9, 2009‎
Jan is great (at chart-reading and in general). I've never had my chart read before I went to her, so I had a lot of questions that she patiently and thoroughly answered during our first session. (Yes, I went back. How could I not, after recognizing her accuracy and observations in my daily life?) She went step-by-step through the terminology of my chart as well as its implications. And, then, when I went for a follow-up, six months later, she remembered what we'd talked about and was able to show me how the stars and planets had moved and what that meant for me. Her attention to detail and her individual attention was really appreciated. I can tell she takes a lot of time to prepare for her readings and to make thoughtful comments about what she sees. I recommend her to anyone interested in astrology. You won't be disappointed.‎

Highly Recommended‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By A Google User - Oct 8, 2009‎
I recently had a reading with Jan and it blew my mind! She has a genuine love of the art of astrology and it shows in her work. She was right on target with every aspect of my being and had great things to say about what I should be working on in a way that was not too forceful but thoughtful and genuine. Jan did my very first chart reading and she went above and beyond what I expected. I really cant say enough about her professionalism and natural talent. I give her my full recommendation and I will be going back to her again and again. Love her!‎

Jan is amazing!!!‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By A Google User - Oct 8, 2009‎
First of all let me say that I am a very very very sensitive person and the slightest bit of bad energy freaks me out - especially when it comes to someone reading me. And I have felt so comfortable, warm and cared for each time Jan has read me and I look forward to every time I speak with her!! She has read my chart several times and not only has she been very accurate but she has been a guidepost and light to my journey which I have been desperate to find. Jan is clear, concise, and very intuitive. What I also think is amazing is that she stresses what is important for me to work on - not just what is great about me. I looooove her!!!! I recommend her with my whole heart and I think she has an amazing gift. I am so excited to go back!! PS She is also super sweet which is a wonderful and very likeable trait. Go to Jan!!‎

8/7/2009 - Kathy tweeted: Got an astrology reading from @astrogrrl yesterday! She did a great job! Turns out Saturn is a real ball buster! I better learn my lessons!

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