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Venus Square Pluto at Aries Point ~ October 15, 2009

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Total absorption. Power play. Transformational love. Obsessiveness. Possessiveness. Sensory overdrive. Values questioned. Empowerment. Passion. Surrender. Love affairs starting during a Venus-Pluto alignment are passionate and all-consuming, but will they have lasting power? Will the push-pull, fight or flight intensity be essential to keep the flames burning, interest piqued? Existing relationships, especially those with a "rocky" history, may find this square very trying. Couples in the early stages of developing a relationship may find this time exciting, ardent, intense ... difficult not to be drawn into it. Individuals struggling with self-worth, consciously or not, may find their value system challenged. Those set in their ways -- attached or single -- may find that what has given them comfort and safety is now lacking and some sort of change is required. (as written from my previous post on Venus square Pluto last May)

This time around, however, both are in cardinal signs, at Aries Point, and Venus is in the relationship sign of Libra. Venus governs love and relationships while Pluto represents our ability to tackle life's difficulties through understanding, letting go, and becoming empowered to transform through the process.

When the planet of love battle on with the planet of transformation, it is inevitable to come out of it with some battle scars. They heal though; and over time, the scars are not nearly as noticeable.

On and around October 15, relationships (of all types) go under the microscope -- which are necessary; which are toxic; which should be nurtured more; which are a burden; which to keep; which to drop; which cause pain; which bring happiness; which promote personal growth; which give support; which are rooted in love; which are rooted in hatred or dependence.

Elsewhere in the sky on this day, the Sun and Mercury join Venus in Libra. The Libra-Sun (conscious will) is harmoniously linked to Neptune (enlightenment) and fatefully at odds with Uranus (radical change), while Mars (action) is sextile Saturn (reality). The issues/events touched on now may awaken (Uranus) to give us insight (Neptune) on what we may have been fearing or suspecting (Pluto) within a relationship (Venus); this represents all types of relationships, including that we have with the self. We are able to see through the lies to get to the truth of the situation (Saturn) so, we can act or decide (Mars) accordingly.

This year, Venus and Pluto last squared each other on May 4, then February 6 and April 3 previously. Events transpiring this time around may be linked or reminiscent to these previous dates. So, if clarity eludes or there is uncertainty, perhaps looking back may provide the information necessary or missing to make more informed choices or actions now.

Although we are all somewhat affected by this harsh alignment, those early born in cardinal signs -- Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn; as well as those with natal planets/house angles on or around zero degree of cardinal signs may feel the influence of this alignment stronger.

Unsure if you have natal planets/house planets at these degrees? Cast your own birth chart for use as reference -- birth date, time, and place required. Request a quote for a paid personalized reading. Or cruise on over to the AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks Forum* to start a discussion. (all links open a new window)

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