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Chiron Direct ~ October 31, 2009

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Following Pluto's and Jupiter's leads, Chiron stations on October 31 and will soon be moving forward, up to his normal speed. Then, a week later Neptune will follow suit and end her retrograde cycle.

Like both Pluto and Jupiter, it's been five months since Chiron was last in forward motion. During these past months, Chiron retraced his steps from 26 degrees back to 21 degrees of Aquarius. What natal house/s did Chiron pass through twice for you? As he moves forward again, he'll pass through this house/these houses for a third time this year. Maybe third time's a charm :)

Chiron represents our figurative "wounds" and what needs "healing" or release. Often these are deeply-rooted emotional pain or old ideals/habits/behavior/precepts; something so ingrained that it's second "skin," completely attached to the self and peeling it off is so excruciatingly painful that having to carry the weight of its burden is ... "easier." Or maybe it WAS easier. With Jupiter and Neptune passing through some of the same degrees in Aquarius that Chiron did these past months, we might have gained insight (Neptune) to what is possible (Jupiter). Now, breaking away (Aquarius) from set ways and releasing (Chiron) old wounds has become a stronger resolve (Pluto in Capricorn) than continuing to carry unnecessary burdens as we have been. So as Chiron and the last of the retrograde planets, Neptune, begins moving forward, we too are ready and willing to let go and move on.

Check out Starcana's Tarot affirmations post on "The Hanged Man - Adjustment" at the Astrology Creeps and Tarot Freaks blog. It seems, to me, appropriate.

Chiron stations on October 31 at 1:45 a.m. ET and by November 13, he'll be moving at his regular speed. How has Chiron's transit influenced you this year thus far? Let me know ... Hop on over to the AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks Forum* and start or join a discussion.

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"The Education of Achiless" by Eugène Ferdinand Victor Delacroix, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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