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AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks Forum

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AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks Forum

Hello everyone! I'd like to announce the launch of a new forum called AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks ( The forum is the collaborative effort between myself, Suzi (, Kat (, and Theresa (

AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks Forum was created to provide a place for all interested in mysticism (beginners, professionals, skeptics and everything in between) to engage in intelligent discussions for topics relating to all mysticism ~ astrology, tarot, dreams interpretation, numerology, and the like. Students can interact with experts, while professionals can share the knowledge they possess.

Come and check out the forum. Feel free to roam, however, registration is required to post on the boards.

Get to know the ladies behind the project. Here is an excerpt from our blog ( introducing ourselves:

Astrogrrl (aka Jan), is a self-taught astrologer whose mere curiosity for astrology has evolved into a life-long passion. Since casting her first chart in 1993, her thirst for knowledge has driven her to continue learning and perfecting her craft. Her philosophy is “astrology, applied with wisdom, can be a powerful tool that allows you to live in a more purposeful manner”. Jan’s readings allow clients to make more conscious choices and take destiny in their own hands. As she says: “Reading for a client is always a privilege and I am humbled to be allowed to peek into a little part of their journey”.

While Starcana (aka Suzi) has been a professional reader for over a decade, she has been developing her special knowledge and metaphysical skills for over thirty years. As a spiritual intuitive, she uses energy vibrations, the tarot, and astrology to provide insight and guidance with practical solutions. In life and in business, she’s nonjudgmental, compassionate, ethical, and truthful. She’s also a mom and wife of twenty years, who loves animals, nature, and a good hard laugh! Her specialties include: all relationships, life, love, work, spiritual growth, and self-actualization.

Taurus Rising (aka Kat) may consider herself a novice to the worlds of astrology and Tarot, but her insights show a deep understanding of symbolism, the subconscious and metaphysical world. In addition to her passion for Tarot and Astrology, she interprets dreams, helping the dreamer to decipher the hidden meanings in the symbols. Her goal is to help others unlock wells of knowledge for self exploration. While guiding others to understand themselves, she has been finding her own self in the process. When not studying and interpreting, she can be found chasing an active toddler, cooking in the kitchen or painting in her studio.

The Tarot Lady (aka Theresa), has been working as a professional Tarot reader for almost 20 years, guiding clients from all walks of life to navigate their problems and find direction. With a no-nonsense yet compassionate attitude and a keen knowledge of the Tarot cards, she is able to bring clarity and common sense to her clients. She believes that you can use the power of the tarot to empower yourself! Even though she has been reading Tarot for many years, she considers herself a perpetual student and is continuously learning. A typical Gemini, she has many interests and is a dedicated yogi, an avid reader, a computer geek as well as a passionate cook.

I've added a permanent link on the "Navigation" section (top, right column) for the Forum and added the blog on the "Blogroll List" (bottom, right column).

So, c'mon and check out what AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks have to talk about! ~

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