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Mercury & Mars Link Up with Uranus & Neptune

Change Your Mind by davespertineWeeks ago on September 15, when Saturn opposed Uranus, we were urged to shed the old and embrace the new. On October 4, the subject matter of release and change are revisited when Mercury (mind) and Mars (drive) harmonize while both link up with Uranus (awakening) and Neptune (insight).

This time the message is more specific -- we are to awaken the self to its own thought process. Decision, actions, and motivation are all seeded by thought and ideas. Whether we believe we can do something, achieve success, embark on a new project or think we can't be successful, that what we desire is impossible, that we have no support -- all of these begin in the mind.

What thoughts do we choose to entertain? What ideas do we opt to believe in? What plans do we pick are probable or improbable? Hmmm...

Does our thought process require renewal or adjustment? Are we our biggest obstacle, keeping us from that which we desire? Be awakened (Uranus) and enlightened (Neptune) to what truly motivates (Mars) us and adjust the way we think (Mercury) about them. Elsewhere in the sky, Venus (relationships/self-worth) in analytical Virgo is fatefully at odds with Jupiter (expansiveness) in forward-thinking Aquarius. Examine ... without mental boundaries. Free the mind of what binds and welcome clarity.

This celestial get together occurs at 24 degrees of Virgo (Mercury), Pisces (Uranus), Cancer (Mars), and Aquarius (Neptune). Those born with natal planets and/or house angles on or around 24 degrees of these four zodiac signs may be influenced stronger than most. Mercury was last at 24 degrees in Virgo on August 20 and September 24. Events or situations from on or around these dates may resurface now seeking resolution or perhaps just a reflection.

For me, this gathering falls in my natal 12th house while transiting Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune touch my natal Mercury and natal Saturn; and transiting Venus and Jupiter link up with my natal Moon. It's time to uncover what lies in the subconscious (12th house), break away from old ways (natal Saturn), get to the heart of the matter (natal Moon), and make changes beginning with how I think and communicate (natal Mercury).

The time for change is now. We remain under the auspicious umbrella of the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune triple conjunction and the Saturn-Uranus opposition. Change is often not easy and can even be gut-wrenchingly painful but change is the only constant thing in life. Do you choose to flow with it or resist it?

Worth a mention ~ Full Moon in Aries at 2:10 a.m. Eastern (October 3 11:10 p.m. Pacific). Happenings today may be fueled by the tension created by the opposition between the Libra-Sun and Aries-Moon.

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