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Venus Trine Pluto ~ September 20, 2009

The planet of love links up with the planet of transformation. Their last similar hookup occurred on June 8, when Venus was in her home sign, Taurus.

This time around Venus, who is still getting settled in Virgo, harmoniously aligns herself with Pluto who is now moving direct and back at Aries Point in Capricorn.

Venus represents our relationships, finances, and self-worth. In Virgo, Venus is analytical, practical, and discriminating. Pluto governs our ability for deep understanding, our strength to let go, to be transformed and be empowered. In Capricorn, Pluto is goal-oriented, determined, and believes in structure. Pluto's process is known to bring purging, endings, and destruction of what no longer serves any purpose or use.

This trine creates an open space for Pluto's energy to add intensity and depth to Venus. Existing relationships may be examined now. In earth signs, issues regarding relationship stability and capacity for longevity may surface during this time. Earth signs are tactile signs. A simple touch might communicate what words can't. New relationships may become more intense, with added expectations. With Pluto involved, watch out for power play and/or obsessiveness. The opportunity for a transformation in love is possible now -- may it be in the deepening of bonds or in cutting ties.

Elsewhere in the sky on this day, the Sun (ego, potential), Mercury (thinking, communicating), and Saturn (reality, structure) join Venus in Virgo. The Sun blends energies with retrograde-Mercury, while we remain under the lingering influence of the opposition between Saturn and Uranus (radical change) which culminated a few days ago.

While Mercury is retrograde and uniting with the Sun, take this time to reflect and review the reality of our situations (Saturn). Change is inevitable with Uranus and Pluto in the mix. Will you go with the flow and let go? or Will you fight it and hold on? Move forward or stick with the familiar?

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Source Unknown ~ close up photo of Pluto's grip on his wife Proserpina in Bernini's sculpture, "The Rape of Proserpina."

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