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Saturn Oppose Uranus ~ September 15, 2009

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The Mutilation of Uranus by Saturn by Giorgio Vasari and Gherardi Christofano, courtesy of Wikicommons
Out with the Old ... In with the New

Can you feel it in the air? The tension between sticking with the familiar versus embarking on a new path, a new method, a new way of thinking. Oh, the excitement of something new, a change from the old ways and the promises such changes hold -- but what will such changes require? Things may not be perfect now but are we ready to leave behind what has been for all these years -- we've done things a certain way, believed in certain ideals, trusted in a certain system. It's nice to think about change, but is it more difficult than what we may have imagined to actually let go of what no longer works?

The first time Saturn (old/obligations) in Virgo (practical/methodical) and Uranus (new/freedom) in Pisces (truth seeker) opposed each other coincided with a historic U.S. Presidential Election on November 4, 2008. Americans declared that, indeed, we are ready for change.

Once again and for the third time out of five total occasions, Saturn and Uranus oppose each other. This time around, however, Saturn is quincunx Neptune (enlightenment) in Aquarius (awakening) adding to the strain of the opposition. As Saturn makes his case about foundation and proven methods, Uranus debunks Saturn's argument by reminding Saturn that this is 2009, and we need radical change to accommodate the needs of today and the future. Neptune annoyingly pokes (quincunx) Saturn, urging him open up and entertain the possibilities for new ideals (Uranus) while balancing them (opposition) with doses of reality (Saturn).

Elsewhere in the sky, Mercury is retrograde in Libra and grows closer to a square with Pluto, newly in direct motion, while Venus aligns with Neptune and Uranus. Allow for delays/misunderstandings (Mercury retrograde) while remaining objective (Libra) as we may be required to focus deeply (Pluto) on the job at hand (Capricorn). Remain optimistic as Venus (love/relationships/values) seek harmony with Neptune and require adjustment with Uranus (radical change).

This Saturn-Uranus opposition cycle happens approximately every 45 years, leaving long term global effects, as well as personal impact. The Saturn and Uranus opposition most recent series occurred in 1965 to 1967, coinciding with the Vietnam War, as well as a social revolution; and before that, in 1918 to 1920, just after World War I, where the world & its government/people picked the pieces left behind by the War to End All Wars. Currently, at this 2008-2010 Saturn-Uranus opposition series, we find ourselves yet again in the midst of a war -- The Holy War or War on Terrorism or Afghanistan-Pakistan War -- I'm unsure what it's officially called?

Well, back to strictly astrology and its impact on each of us, personally. This month's opposition occurs at 25 degrees of Virgo (for Saturn) & Pisces (for Uranus) and is perfect at 8:51 a.m. Eastern. Although we are all recipients of its energy, those born within 3 days of March 14 and September 16 or those with natal planets/house angles on or around 25 degrees may feel this alignment's influence A LOT stronger.

2008-2010 Saturn-Uranus Exact Opposition dates:
  • November 4, 2008 at 19 degrees (U.S. Presidential Election Day); strongest influence on those born within 3 days of March 9 and September 11.
  • February 5, 2009 at 21 degrees; strongest influence on those born within 3 days of March 11 and September 13.
  • September 15, 2009 at 25 degrees; strongest influence on those born within 3 days of March 14 and September 16.
  • April 26, 2010 at 28 degrees; strongest influence on those born within 3 days of March 18 and September 20.
  • July 26, 2010 at Aries Point (Saturn in Libra & Uranus in Aries); strongest influence on those born within 3 days of March 20 and September 22.

For me, this opposition blends energies with my natal 1st & 7th houses while actually falling on my natal 6th & 12th houses and solar 3rd & 9th houses. Changes in my health, both physical (6th) & psychological (12th) as well as how I think/learn (3rd) & achieve personal growth (9th) may be related to the balance necessary between my self/vitality/potential (1st) and my relationships/others (7th). Shifting my perspective has been a theme in my life for a few years now. Perhaps there are still deeply-rooted concepts/ways of thinking that I need to replace with new ideas to reflect the person I am now and the person I aspire to be. There are also existing restrictions/obligations within my "others" house (7th) that keeps me from the freedom the self requires (1st) to fully embark on a new path.

How will this Saturn-Uranus opposition influence in your life? What natal and/or solar houses does this alignment activate? Look to the Virgo and Pisces-ruled houses in your birth chart. Use the list below to identify the Virgo and Pisces zodiac signs. Match the sign and degree.

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For those without a birth chart or are unsure of what houses this alignment will activate, you may cast your own birth chart for use as reference -- birth date, time, and place required. Request a quote for a personalized Saturn or Uranus Transit reading. Or head over to the AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks Forum* to start or join in on a discussion.

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"The Mutilation of Uranus by Saturn" by Giorgio Vasari and Gherardi Christofano, courtesy of Wikicommons.

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