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Venus, Triple Conjunction, Uranus ~ Sep. 11-16, 2009

Venus Rising by The Dark Artist Lady at theartistdarklady.deviantart.comAs Venus nears the end of her visit in the zodiac sign Leo, she aligns herself in succession to the triple conjunction -- Jupiter (ideals), followed by Chiron (healing), then Neptune (enlightenment) -- and finally Uranus (radical change). As she makes each of these connections, beginning September 11th through the 16th, Venus touches upon our relationships and material worth. What are our aspirations (Jupiter)? What is at the root of what keeps us from achieving them (Chiron)? Let's become attune and figure it out (Neptune). Then let's bravely take the self out of its comfort zone and make the difficult but necessary changes to move forward (Uranus).

Venus represents our relationships (all types -- intimate, platonic, familial, and with the self), our material wealth, our value systems, our self-worth, our capacity to see beauty in the world, and our desires.

The last time she found herself aligned to these spiritual celestial bodies in July, the energies were more free flowing. This time around the energy is more challenging, tense, and desperately seeks harmony.

Elsewhere in the sky, the Sun in Virgo (exacting/meticulous/practical) follows Venus' trail and makes his own frustrating alignments to the triple conjunction, requiring adjustments to satisfy obstacles. On September 15, Saturn and Uranus also perfects their strenuous opposition, adding to the already tense few days. As if the strain of the previous days were not enough, on September 17, Mercury will be in conflict with Pluto PLUS the Virgo-Sun will blend energies with Saturn and oppose Uranus -- are we to relive/review/remember the events of September 15 again?

The timeline (all dates reflect Eastern time zone; give +/-2 days for life span of influence):

  • September 11 ~ Venus Oppose Jupiter. In Leo, Venus is fun-loving, warm, and opts for the pleasurable things in life. This day can be one of "productive" play, of allowing the self to entertain thoughts of success, of achieving one's goals, of living one's dreams. Let the self feel that stirring of hope and excitement for improvement (Jupiter in Aquarius). Also, on this day, Pluto stations and begins moving forward again.
  • September 13/14 ~ Venus Oppose Chiron. Now that our hearts and minds have been stirred/awakened, we now begin to think of the reasons/excuses of why our dreams are too far from our reach. In a previous post, I mentioned a few ordinary people who rose above their "reasons/excuses" and lived extraordinary lives -- Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman, J.K. Rowling. All had incredibly difficult, seemingly impossible odds to contend with but proved that success is achievable. On this Venus-Chiron opposition day, yield to courage of the Leonine energy Venus currently possess and bravely tackle what is at the root of blockages. Resign yourself to the Sun in Virgo for a practical approach that is tenacious and precise.
  • September 14/15 ~ Venus Oppose Neptune. Today coincides with the perfection of another tense alignment -- Saturn-Uranus opposition. Discerning truth may elude us but remain faithful. Neptune has a keen ability for exacting insight that is beyond reason or logic. The key for today is balance, and in order to achieve that, release control and surrender.
  • September 16 ~ Venus Quincunx Uranus. Expect the unexpected. A change of heart. A parting of ways. Breaking away from what binds.
  • September 17 ~ Sun Conjunct Saturn & Oppose Uranus Plus Mercury-rx Square Pluto. The reality of our situations, the limitations imposed upon us, and the responsibilities we are commissioned with are all right there -- laid out in front of us. A constant reminder of why it's just too hard to make the changes. Is it truly so difficult that we choose to stay as we are? Allow Mercury's link to Pluto to give us the resolve and deep concentration to ferret out a solid plan or establish a foundation for our objectives. This is the time to let go of the old and welcome the new. It's up to you, to each of us, what we choose to live for from this day forward.

Although we are all influence by this celestial event involving Venus' successive links to Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune and Uranus, those with natal planets/house angles at 19-25 degrees of fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio) or Pisces and Virgo may be influenced more strongly than others.

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Illustration courtesy of The Artist Dark Lady.

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