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The Full Moon in Houses

In astrology, the Moon represents our emotional core, inner drives, intuition, the feminine energy in us, home, family, roots, and connection to the past. Full moons signify the completion, culmination of what was initiated during the previous New Moon. The zodiac sign the full moon occupies show us the themes and focus for the moon's energies. The house the full moon transits gives us a peek into which aspect of our life the Full Moon's focus might play out in.

Check your birth chart and scroll down below to see which house the Full Moon will occupy. (Match sign and degree)

If you don't have a birth chart, but know your Rising/Ascendant sign or you may use your Sun sign to match the house the Full Moon will occupy (although this method might not be as accurate). For example, if you are a Cancer or Cancer Rising and the Full Moon is in Virgo, begin with Cancer occupying the 1st House then move down the zodiac until you reach Virgo (Cancer-1st House; Leo-2nd House; Virgo-3rd House); a Full Moon in Virgo falls in Cancer/Cancer Rising's 3rd House. Scroll down to the 3rd House to find out the themes of that house and how/where in your life the next Full Moon might influence.*

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Alternatively, you may cast your own birth chart (opens a new window) for use as reference -- birth date, time, and place required.

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The Full Moon in Natal Houses*
*Does not account for intercepted charts
or house cusps decanate placements

Full Moon in the First House focuses on the balance between the individual self (where the Full Moon is), and the shared self, (where the Sun is). The past two weeks may have given a focus on "others" or "another". It's important not to lose one's individuality, basic needs, personal goals, and growth within relationships. There is room for the self within any partnership. Assert the self's need to "be" during this full moon cycle.

Full Moon in the Second House represents the balance between the financial houses (2nd and 8th houses), what I own and what we share, a look at what we value in life as well as how we value the self. Issues regarding one's income or major purchases that increases the value of the home, i.e. appliances, cosmetic repairs, etc. may be at hand. As full moons bring endings/closures, there may be a change in one's income or financial status during this full moon cycle.

Full Moon in the Third House encourages the rationalization of our emotions, attaching logic and reason to our feelings, and communicating them -- say it, write it, blog it, email it, tweet it. The third house also represents siblings and neighbors. So, find your voice and express yourself!

Full Moon in the Fourth House represents home, family, our roots, inner drives, and connection to our past. A look at our relationships with family (biological or otherwise) is encouraged now. The past two weeks may have been focused on career, professional life, and achieving our goals. Satisfying the basic needs of our private life is the more important thing during this full moon cycle.

Full Moon in the Fifth House is all about fun, love, and children. Seek pleasures. Bring out the fun and forgotten child-like qualities in you. Be around children as a reminder of what it is to have simple fun, simple pleasures. Foster romantic dalliances. Express devotion to your true love. As full moons bring endings/closures, a love affair may end or you may finally let go of that torch you've carried for a lost love or an inevitable breakup happens.

Full Moon in the Sixth House encourages a look at our health/habits and seeks to have order and comfort in routines, busy work, servicing those in need. It might be necessary to finish up some open to-do items or resolve long-standing issues. Have you been putting off that visit to the doctor or annual dental check-up? Get it done already!

Full Moon in the Seventh House centers on our partnerships (intimate and/or business). Accommodating/meeting the needs of our significant other or business partner, perhaps even sacrificing the self's desires, is what's at the forefront now. It's time to shift the central focus off the self and onto "others" or "another." As full moons bring endings/closures, some relationships may end completely, while others may find that ending one/some things brings a renewal to the relationship.

Full Moon in the Eighth House highlights our shared resources and may require letting go of something/someone in order to move on. The past two weeks may have been focused on what I own, my income, my self-worth; this full moon cycle may be about what we share, our joint financial resources, our material worth together. The eighth house also represents sex, death (not necessarily physical but more like endings), and regeneration. Is there something (habits, associations, thoughts/ideas) you need to give up that is holding you back? This full moon cycle is a good time to address that.

Full Moon in the Ninth House stresses our personal growth, philosophy, religion, higher education, publishing, and travel. How does our belief system/religion/philosophy affect our personal and spiritual growth? Do they help expand our horizons or do they narrow our vision and keep us from living inspired lives? As full moons bring endings/closures, maybe it's time to open up the mind to new experiences that foster growth. Expand mentally to grow exponentially.

Full Moon in the Tenth House focuses on career/professional pursuits and long term goals. How committed our we to achieving our goals or gaining the professional respect/reputation necessary to be a success in our profession and with our colleagues? As full moons bring endings/closures, there may be issues/events that have lingered far too long and are now finding resolutions for.

Full Moon in the Eleventh House celebrates our friendships, associations, and our individual place within the society/world we live in. This full moon cycle is ideal for networking, active participation in social settings, pursuing civic-minded activities, etc. Make connections; meet like-minded people; surround yourself with others sharing similar goals. As full moons bring endings/closures, there may be some ties that will be cut during this full moon cycle.

Full Moon in the Twelfth House emphasizes our need for solitude to recharge, decompress, and rest. The full moon cycle may be a time for aloneness, to reconnect with our subconscious drives, psychological self, and shed light on the deepest parts of us. Escape into our selves, uncover what has been hidden, and unravel the mystery that is the self.

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Full moon image credited of the Lick Observatory via the Astronomy Picture of the Day.

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