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Moon in Scorpio Weekend

The Moon's entrance to the intense, passionate sign of Scorpio on Friday, 4/10/2009, colors the mood for the weekend. The Moon (inner drives) tenses up with Mercury (communication, thoughts) while harmoniously aligning with Pluto (empowerment, transformation). Misunderstandings, heated communication, heightened sensitivities, emotional reactions are all common during this transit. This may also be a time when we seek more meaningful conversations, lasting connections, deeper interactions. Differences in opinion may yield to a more well-rounded way of thinking, point of view.

Saturday brings more celestial action. Venus (love, relationships, values), still in retrograde motion, returns to Pisces at 29 degrees, revisiting the early days of February. Some unresolved issues from that period may resurface this weekend. Mercury aligns himself with Pluto, urging a deeper look at things. Nothing taken at face value. Intense talks.

Throughout the day, the Moon's movements link her up with the Sun (ego), Mars (action, aggression), Uranus (surprises, innovation), and Saturn (structure, foundation). Expect the unexpected. Possible change of chart. Watch interactions with authority figures, mature adults, parents, etc.

Saturday afternoon brings in the spirit of optimism, opportunities, happiness, and luck as the Aries-Sun harmoniously aligns with expansive Jupiter. It's a great set-up for a fun and active Saturday night.

Sunday begins with the Moon spending her last hours in Scorpio harmoniously linked to Venus. Intense, emotive, passionate, romantic but with a tinge of jealousy or fear of uncertainty. The weekend ends with the Moon leaving Scorpio and entering the happy-go-lucky sign of Sagittarius, allowing us a lighter, more fun, more open, more optimistic way of expressing our emotions.

Illustration by Saara Saimi.

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