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T-Square on April Fool's Day

When I woke this morning, the moon was in its last degrees of Gemini, and I anticipated April Fool's Day pranks from friends and colleagues. However by the time early afternoon came, the moon had moved to the emotive sign of Cancer (which also happens to be my sun sign) and its fight with Venus (relating) was growing stronger and also closer to my natal Sun at 5 degrees. A day I expected to be light and fun had turned into a day of intense and aggressive energy. As if that wasn't enough, the blending of energies between the Sun (ego) and Mercury (communication) while in the feisty, assertive sign of Aries (ruler of Cancer's career house) resulted in my workplace being the hub of activity for me today.

On the plus side, interaction with superiors and colleagues was dynamic and productive, even if at times, heated. I prevailed, however; I proved my role an asset to the company and contributions significant to its operations. Internally, it was a different story. There was quite an inner struggle to keep myself from being too sensitive, reacting emotionally, and speaking hastily. The quarrel between the Moon (emotions, inner drives) and Venus (relationships, relating) were further intensified by Venus' conflict with Pluto, Mr. Intensity and King of Power Struggles himself, who happened to also be opposing the Moon. Hence, the T-Square, a very tense meeting of the planets.

So today's celestial movement played out strongest in my professional life. Everyone asserting, at times bulldozing, their agenda (Aries influence). Communication and interaction pushing people's sensitivities (Moon and Pluto influences). Power struggles between players involved. How did it influence your day?

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