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Venus Square Pluto ~ May 2, 2009

Total absorption. Power play. Transformational love. Obsessiveness. Possessiveness. Sensory overdrive. Values questioned. Empowerment. Passion. Surrender. Love affairs starting during a Venus-Pluto alignment are passionate and all-consuming, but will they have lasting power? Will the push-pull, fight or flight intensity be essential to keep the flames burning, interest piqued?

Existing relationships, especially those with a "rocky" history, may find this square very trying. Couples in the early stages of developing a relationship may find this time exciting, ardent, intense ... difficult not to be drawn into it. Individuals struggling with self-worth, consciously or not, may find their value system challenged. Those set in their ways -- attached or single -- may find that what has given them comfort and safety is now lacking and some sort of change is required.

When the planet of love duels with the planet of transformation, it is almost impossible to come through it unscathed. Perhaps it's necessary to battle and measure the true depth of our love, lest our relationships -- intimate, platonic, familial, or with the self -- stop growing, evolving, becoming.

Supporting this empowered energy for change are the growing conjuctions (cohesion) between Jupiter (opportunities/expansiveness), Chiron (wounds/healing) and Neptune (spiritual/insightful) in Aquarius (the awakener). We are awakened (Uranus) with insight (Neptune) on what needs healing (Chiron) within the self and where personal growth (Jupiter) is required. The stubborn Leo-Moon opposing (requiring balance) Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune may encourage over-optimism, escapism, and confusion. Yield to the strengthening Taurus-Sun (ego/self) link to Virgo-Saturn (reality/structure) which allows for constructive assessments and pragmatism, as we dig deep to reveal what lies beneath and become awakened.

Venus and Pluto last squared on February 6, 2009 and April 3, 2009. What life events were prominent during those two time periods? A progression of those events or similar energies from those time periods may arise again now. For me, during Venus' first pass through squaring it off with Pluto on February 6, my heart and thoughts were filled with my trip home to be with family for my father's 45-day memorial. My father passed soon after the new year began. Although I was at his funeral, it is customary for the family to hold a remembrance ceremony 45 days after one's passing. Early in April, I found it difficult not to be reminded of him every place I went -- grocery store, Barnes & Noble, and other common places while doing mundane errands. While he was alive, it was clear we didn't see eye to eye, but I loved him tremendously, as he had loved me dearly. Despite our very different views on life, we always found a way to stand on a common ground and treat each other with kindness and respect. Though I couldn't understand why all those emotions, memories, and revelations were surfacing months after his death, I knew it took an important role in my process of grieving, letting go, and moving on. I've realized since then that I stalled from achieving certain goals because I believed my father would not have approved and would have viewed my actions as a fault in his parenting. Our father-daughter relationship did not only have a generational gap between us, but also cultural and religious ones. I was not natively born in the U.S., but for all intents and purposes, I am an American (am Americanized). I did not want to hurt him; however, I do realize what a disservice I had done to myself in preventing myself from following the path I inevitably find myself in now. I wonder how this alignment will play out this weekend...

Relationships (Venus) of all types are now in the spotlight. In which areas do we hold ourselves back? Are we complacent and too comfortable? What do we fear? Where do we lack awareness and require transformation (Pluto)? It is not an easy task to deconstruct one's self, let go of what's unnecessary, and morph into an improved version of the self. However, combined with the recent Venus retrograde motion, this Venus-Pluto square, occurring for the third time already this year, might just give us that extra push. For those who have made strides in these past months, this may be a time to reflect on how far we've come and envision what lies for us ahead.

Sometimes in surrendering, we invite energies that propel us closer to the improved version of our selves and/or the life we imagine us living.

Who might be most influenced by this Venus-Pluto square? Those with Venus or Pluto ruled Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars; have Venus or Pluto ruling 1st, 5th, and 7th houses; have planets or house angles within the 1-3 degrees of cardinal signs.

Illustration courtesy of Hard Kiss in C Minor.

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