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Full Moon in Libra - April 9, 2009

The Moon spends her final moments in Virgo before she enters Libra late this evening and sets the stage for the Full Moon in Libra on Thursday, April 9. This full moon shines the spotlight on balancing the identity of the individual self with the shared self -- being in relationships without losing who we are or being brave enough to be in relationships without compromising our core values. Harmonious alignments between the Moon and Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron associate an optimistic outlook of our attachments, even in the face of realizing what may be less than ideal.

Elsewhere in the sky, Venus remains in retrograde motion and will be at Aries Point during the full moon. Her tense alignment with Pluto still lurks in the shadows, urging us to look beneath the surface when searching for the truth. This Venus-Pluto conflict may be prone to jealousies, secrets (perceived or real), and “make or break” energy. Allow the more objective, accommodating Libra energy and consider others' needs/views before our own, step back and see the whole picture instead of just one side of the story.

May this Libra Full Moon enlighten us of our relationships, who we are in these relationships, and the person we'd like to be.

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