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Mars Conjunct Uranus ~ April 15, 2009

In the days approaching Tax Day (April 15) here in the U.S., the meeting in the sky between Mars and Uranus grew closer and became stronger. Both are in the watery sign of Pisces. With the exception of Scorpio (the sign Mars jointly rules with Pluto), Mars is naturally uncomfortable in water signs. He represents action, drive, directness. In a water sign, he feels subdued; his aggression is internalized and becomes passive, non-confrontational. All that energy, just brewing beneath the surface, is now co-mingling with Uranus. Uranus is radical, abrupt, rebellious; he likes to stir things up, break away.

What may have been unsatisfactory for quite some time, might now suddenly require immediate attention. This cohesion of Mars-Uranus energies produces dramatic stirring/awakening, creating a tsunami within the usually calm Piscean waters. Now, a spotlight shines upon what has been neglected and needs doing, needs action, needs changing. What may have been ignored is now a priority! A bit fitting for Tax Day; most wait until the last minute to get it done. It's an unpleasant task for many.

Personally, this meeting occurs in my natal 6th house of health. Late last week, I decided to do a 7-day cleanse. This is drastic for me, who eats whatever and whenever, without any real regard to health consequences. I have been aware that as I age, my physical body and its organs age with me. However, it's been difficult (or maybe I've been unwilling) to give the appropriate attention to making lifestyle changes and developing healthier habits. This cleanse may not reset my body to its optimal state, but it does provide a good start to a healthier way of living. I've already begun plans on substituting what I snack on throughout the day. Replacing other unhealthy habits with healthier ones, I expect will soon follow. Now, if I can just get enough sleep every night... *sigh* ... someday :)

Today's Mars-Uranus meeting is joined by a blending of energies between the Moon and Pluto. Underlying things now surface and confront us with its truth. Mercury forms a harmonious link with Saturn, giving us mental stability and focus needed to follow through. The Sun in Aries is bold, assertive, and confident that we will get whatever needs doing, done. A harmonious alignment between the Sun and Neptune offers up a little bit of faith that there are forces working behind the scenes on our behalf.

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