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Saturn Takes Charge

An active sky above us on Monday. We are made aware of our challenges as serious Saturn dampens the day's mood while Mars assumes a fighting stance. Both the Sun and Moon are ill at ease with their individual alignments to Saturn and Mars. Adding to their discomfort is the inevitable and frustrating alignment they will have with each other before day's end. As if all that tension weren't enough, the conflict between Venus (love/relationships/values) and Pluto (obsession/power play/endings) is still lurking in the shadows. Of course, Mercury (thought/ideas/communication) refuses be left out. He joins in on this celestial gathering, bringing with him his growing connections to Chiron (wounds/healing) and Neptune (insight/hope/compassion).

It's a day of tough love from the old man himself. Saturn represents our responsibilities, commitments, awareness of our obstacles, acceptance of our realities, laying foundation for the future, working hard at achieving our goals, and doing what's necessary to get the job done. He is stern, stoic, and determined. He brings our ego (Sun) to its knees and commands our emotions (Moon) to step aside. He teaches us with a heavy hand and expect nothing less than success. No coddling allowed.

The faint of heart would not survive in Saturn's classroom; and the world is his classroom. We're all expected to show up and be present. Saturn's lessons for each of us may differ, but his goal for each of us is similar -- rise above our fears and limitations.

Today and in the few days following, Mercury fills the mind with memories of old wounds, remembrance of past loves, awareness of hidden insecurities, the realization of irresponsible actions, the road not taken, the plans not followed, etc. With Plutonian energies at the ready, we may believe we need to let go or cut ties, in order to grow. Mars is impatient and itching to act. Keep in mind Venus is still retrograde. It would be wise to avoid making life-altering decisions until her direct motion mid-month.

In the immediate, we are encouraged to recognize and learn the lessons Saturn is communicating. Identify the root of the problem and confirm that the source has indeed been found before making a decision on the course of action.

What message does Saturn have for you? Look to the house ruled by Saturn in your birth chart to get an idea of where this Saturnian energy might take place. Those born with Capricorn Sun or Rising or have planets/angles at 15 or 16 degrees might feel this influence the greatest.

It's all a bit heavy for a Monday. In moments of greatest frustration, yield to Neptune's hopefulness to balance the day's intensity and her insight for clarity. May today be a productive and enjoyable day nonetheless.

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