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Sun Trine Pluto ~ April 23, 2009

Empowerment. Control. Power. Transformation. Sounds daunting for a Thursday. Well, it doesn't have to be. Have there been rumblings? (of things unsatisfactory, requiring change) Have there been some things nagging? (demanding attention, improvement) Unnecessary baggage weighing you down? (holding you back) Or maybe you have already unloaded (perhaps, it's been done for you), but now feeling a little "stuck" or unsure about having cut ties ... hmm ... well, today is the day to grab life and make strides toward making changes and/or moving forward!

With the aid of
Mercury's approaching sextile to Uranus, synapses are firing, forming brilliant ideas and unconventional solutions to that bit of problem that's been needing a remedy. Mars, at home in Aries and at Aries Point, is ready for action; he's just itching to get started and run with it. Just make sure he runs in the direction intended to produce the expected results.

The Sun, Mercury, and Pluto in Earth signs
are not afraid of working hard to achieve goals. The Sun and Mercury in Taurus may be slow to start but is steady and committed for the longer haul. Pluto, in the tried and true sign of Capricorn, encourages looking beneath the surface, beyond the obvious and visible in seeking truth, in discovering the source not just the symptoms. The approaching conjunction between Chiron and Neptune (approx. 1 degree orb) promotes insight to what needs healing in us; both are in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius, the Awakener (mover and shaker) of the zodiac.

Another Earth-Fire combination in the mix, that may propel Mars into motion is the
quincunx between Saturn and the Moon. It's Mr. Reality in critical Virgo poke, poke, poking at the Moon who is easily roused in Aries.

Lastly, I would be remiss not mention that
Venus is in the last degree of Pisces. She was last in this spot on or around February 2, 2009. Issues coming to a head or resurfacing now may revolve around events from early February, especially for those with strong Venusian-influenced charts.

As with any true transformation, it's a process. Don't expect to get things concluded on the day first steps are taken. It is important, however, to take advantage of the energies offered. This
Sun-Pluto trine can very well be the first step to becoming un-stuck and forward moving.

Do be aware that, although the
Mercury-Jupiter square is weakening, there might still be some lingering influence left. It would be best to write down important information uncovered or decided upon today. Next week, both Mars and Venus will each battle it out with Pluto, where our resolve for transformation and growth may be tested against difficult odds. But that's another blog, written another day, to be read another day...

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