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Tensions Rising

Above us, Mars (drive, aggression) and Saturn (authority, certainty) are in a battle of wills; and it's steadily growing stronger. In the coming days tensions will continue to rise, giving way to fights especially when dealing with authority figures or peers perceiving themselves more powerful. Everyone is easily angered. Everyone's plight is the more valid one. Everyone's opinion or decision is the better choice.

Patience and restraint are what should be practiced now and during this difficult transit. Be mindful of your temper. Become aware of the reasons from which decisions are derived from.

But let's take it a step further than merely managing temper or knowing where thoughts are rooted from. Flip this aggressive "fight or flight" restlessness into doing something productive that benefits YOU/the self. Tackle that project that's been on your "to do" list for some time. Have you been "blocked" from getting it done? Whether the hindrances are self-imposed or from external sources, this is the opportune time to steer things in the direction you want to go. So, muster up the courage and resolve to clear the path in getting that project, or whatever it is, started or reinstated.

Celestial help is at your beck and call. The Sun (ego), Mercury (communication/planning), and Venus (relating) are in the bold, dynamic sign of Aries. Together with the forceful and focused strides of the Mars (motivation/self-assertion)-Saturn (hard work) alignment, we benefit with just the appropriate flow of energy to give us all the swift kick we need to get the ball rolling :)

Go ahead and grab this "make or break" energy. Make it your own. Mold it to satisfy your agenda. Thus, moving yourself closer to achieving a goal you envisioned months or years ago. This is the time. Will you take that first step?

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