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Mars-Venus Conjunction in Pisces

Mars finally caught up to Venus! A smooch is the perfect reward after a 6-week long Venus retrograde period. In the loving and dreamy sign of Pisces, this kiss cannot be any more romantic! Adding to their sweet meeting in sky is the blending of energies between the Moon and Uranus; both are also in the gentle, insightful sign of Pisces.

These two celestial hookups tug at our idealism and optimism. We each carry varying degrees of hopefulness. Those who are naturally idealistic may easily enjoy and welcome the good feelings evoked. Others who are normally less optimistic may feel the need to question all this seemingly wholesome goodness, but will be unable to resist it :)

There is one caveat, however. Careful that we don't give in to escapism, with the intent of avoiding our realities. While Venus was in retrograde motion, many of us may have reflected on our current attachments, reviewed our value system, reconnected with old friends, rekindled past loves, remembered relationships lost, or stumbled upon secrets that have now been revealed. Some relationships may have gone on a "cooling" period, while others may have ended relationships altogether. Our new realities, which emerged during this retrograde period, might leave little to be desired. A glimmer of hope for what once was may be tempting to pursue. Just remember what was learned, uncovered, or evidenced during the the past weeks. Be reminded of what the decisions made were rooted in.

Perhaps the "cooling" period resulted in strengthening bonds; this romantic meetup may indeed be a new beginning of sorts for that relationship. Alternatively, the "break" may have been a much needed change; therefore, to return or yearn for what was lost is unhealthy and does not promote growth. Regardless of what the case may be, allow the Sun's growing harmonious alignment with Pluto to help us dig deep into the heart of the matter.

Apart from what may be going on with each of us, be encouraged. The sky smiles upon us by giving us hope through this kiss between Venus (how we love & how we want to be loved) and Mars (what drives/motivates us). As above, so below...

Who might be most influenced by this Venus-Mars linkup and the recent Venus retrograde? Those with Venus-ruled Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars; Venus-ruled 1st, 5th, or 7th houses; or have house angles and/or planets within 0-15 degrees of Aries or 29 degrees of Pisces.

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Above illustration of Mars, Venus, and Amor by Titian courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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