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Eclipses, Crosses, Cardinal T-Square~Jun to Aug 2010

5 Planets. Image credit & copyright to cboyzart
As an astrologer, I can't help but blog a little something about a curious series of events that will happen this summer. I'll break it down to three major events (a Lunar Eclipse/Grand Cross in June, a Cardinal T-Square in July and a Cardinal Grand Cross in August) which are preceded by a couple of teaser alignments involving Jupiter (May and June). This blog post covers the introduction to these astrological events and provides a short timeline of what's to come.

First, let's start with what I mean by "cardinal force". Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) are the initiators, creators, leaders of the zodiac. Cardinals conceptualize and actualize. Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) continue what cardinals have started by developing and fine-tuning details. Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) carry out what cardinals started and fixed signs established through maintenance and management. This cardinal energy this summer offers us the opportunity to re-invent the self, restructure our lives, establish a new foundation and aspire toward new goals.

The energy this summer is dynamic, tense, impatient, challenging and requires action. Choosing to let this powerful energy to pass without taking advantage of it is a waste of the loaded potential it offers. Celestial energies offered through planetary transits and alignments are like invitations. For instance, you might get three invitations this week -- attending a work-related function, a dinner date, a birthday party this weekend. You might choose to attend, decline or make a short appearance to all or any of these events you've been invited to. Energies, like invitations, are neither good nor bad but instead are neutral. How one reacts to them determines the experience one will have. This powerful cardinal force bestowed upon us this year is best handled if we know what we want and we are dedicated to seeing it through. Otherwise, the sheer force of these planetary alignments might cause us to buckle, make decisions out of haste/fear, or choose inaction/avoidance. It would be a shame to miss out on what we could have if only we were strong enough, brave enough and prepared enough.

Late May, Jupiter in Pisces opposes Saturn in Virgo. This alignment occurs in mutable signs, but functions as a beginning of sorts for metaphorical wheels turning within the self's subconscious -- psychologically, emotionally or spiritually. Jupiter wants more, dreams big and is hopeful in Pisces. Saturn dampens dreams with reality and restrictions but only so Virgo's practicality can analyze the situation and come up with a feasible solution. Jupiter dreams of owning his own business and making millions. Saturn says, "this is what you have to work with -- financially, skills set, actual possible opportunities, time and its management and the reality of the work/commitment that lies ahead." But Jupiter is undeterred because Piscean imagination is without boundaries and has faith in possibilities. So, Saturn in Virgo kicks in, breaks it down and lays out a plan with wiggle room on what can be done.

By early June, Jupiter joins Uranus in the pioneering sign of Aries while they also blend energies. Uranus is keenly aware, progressive, innovative, unique and promotes radical change. The excitement behind these two planets and in the sign of Aries can cause eagerness and impulsiveness to get something started ... yesterday!

Before the end of June, we have a full moon eclipse belonging to the Capricorn-Cancer set of eclipses occurring on June 26 (a day before my birthday -- ouch :). This Eclipsed Full Moon in Capricorn is all tangled up in a Grand Cross (strain, action necessary) with the Sun in Cancer (potential), Mercury in Cancer (thought), Jupiter in Aries (opportunities), Saturn in Virgo (reality), Uranus in Aries (awakening) and Pluto in Capricorn (transformation). Eclipses are supercharged New and Full Moons with influence of up to six months.

Through much of July, intense energy builds until the 30th when the Cardinal T-Square culminates. This T-Square once again bring together the energies of Jupiter (opportunities), Saturn in Libra (reality), Uranus (awakening), Pluto (transformation) and adds Mars in Libra (action) to the mix. This also marks the last perfection of Saturn and Uranus opposition that began on November 4, 2008 and that most recently climaxed again on April 26, 2010.

Then finally early August comes around and another Grand Cross occurs. This time it happens in Cardinal signs with most or the same players -- Jupiter (opportunities), Saturn (reality), Uranus (awakening), Pluto (transformation) -- with the addition of the Moon in Cancer (heart), Venus (relationships) and Mars (action). Then August 21st, Saturn and Pluto will complete their series of squares that began last year on November 15, 2009 and was revisited again this year on January 31, 2010.

It's a tense and intense summer filled with challenges, as well as potential. These celestial events require the vision, commitment and initiation this year. Their actual influence and work continue on a longer term. But creating the spark to ignite the flame that could very well be a light you can use for the rest of your life, begins with making use of this cardinal force. What do you dream of? Are you committed to the task at hand despite where the journey might lead you on the way to your destination? How, then, can you begin to make your dream a reality?

Although we are all influenced by these upcoming planetary alignments, those who are early-born cardinals with their Sun between zero to 6 degrees or those who have natal planets/house angles within zero to 6 degrees of cardinal signs may feel the immediate and longterm effects of this energy strongest. Additionally, those going through their:

  • Saturn Return (born between 1982 & 1984; 1952 & 1954 and 1923 & 1925) or
  • Uranus oppose Uranus (born 1968-1975 with natal Uranus in Libra within 5 degrees) or
  • Pluto square Pluto (born 1971-1973 or 1984 with natal Pluto in Libra within 5 degrees) or
  • Chiron Return (born between 1960 - 1969 with natal Chiron within 27 degrees of Aquarius and zero degrees of Pisces)
have the extra tension of this summer's cardinal force to contend with. But this need not be something to be afraid of or be overwhelming. Just remember that "resistance is futile" :) So, work with the energy that surrounds your situation. Let the transiting planets teach you what you need to learn/accomplish and move you as you need to take actions. Be empowered. Soar.

Unsure if you have natal planets or house angles within zero to 6 degrees of cardinal signs or where your natal Chiron is? Cast your own birth chart -- birth date, time, and place required.

Alternatively, I am also available for personal consultations. Are you celebrating a birthday between May and August? Interested in finding out how to make the best use of this powerful cardinal energy? Schedule your session for a Solar Return (birthdays) or 3-Chart Reading (detailed natal & overall outlook for the next 12 months) or request a quote for a more customized reading tailored to your needs. You can also give a loved one the gift of insight.

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5 Planets - Image credit and copyright to cboyzart.

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