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Neptune Retrograde ~ May 31 to November 6/7, 2010

The planet of all things hidden and illusions, Neptune, joins Pluto as she stations on May 31 in preparation for retrograde movement. Neptune, who is still slowly strolling through the last degrees of Aquarius, will retrograde from May 31 to November 6/7, 2010.

In a previous post for Neptune's retrograde last year, I wrote the following explanation about Neptune retrograde in Aquarius:

Neptune rules all that which is hidden and operates in the unseen world -- our subconscious, psychological self, dreams, imagination, and spirituality. She is often associated with confusion (lack of clarity), escapism (drugs/alcohol), creativity (music), transcendence, "oneness," and unconditional love.

Neptune currently transits Aquarius, known for its originality, innovation, rebellion, love for freedom and independent thought. Aquarius is humanitarian, civic-minded, and unconventional. In Aquarius, Neptune's ideals are stretched to reflect the identity of the self within the whole, the purpose of the individual within the greater society, the contribution of one that reaches many.

This period offers us the opportunity to give attention to our spiritual side, psychological self, imagination, and ideals; aspects of our selves that we may have neglected during the course of living our busy, daily lives. This is the time to get in touch with realities in the spiritual plane that are just as true and substantial as the realities we face in the physical world. Be wary of excessive escapism, especially with drugs, during this period. A fog of confusion is also common; don't fear it. Instead, embrace the abyss of the unknown. In surrendering, clarity will follow.

During her retrograde cycle, she will retrace her steps from from 28 degrees and back to 25 degrees. This time around, however, Neptune's retrograde occurs when a rare and active set of cardinal eclipses, cross & t-square are happening within the course of three months (June and August). Their impact is long lasting, benefiting us for months, possibly years to come, depending on how those celestial events touch our birth charts. It's a welcome time to have Neptune, who is already natively intuitive and focused on internal workings, to also be retrograde. Perhaps, it can be a help to us as we figure out whatever may truly be going on inside of us that greatly influence the decisions/actions we make in our external existence.

For me, transiting Neptune hangs around in a square with my natal Neptune. As a Virgo-rising with Pluto also rising (in the 12th), who is square both my Midheaven/IC and my Mercury, I just need to know. I would always rather know, no matter how terrible the news may be that awaits me. With Neptune square Neptune, however, I'm drawing a blank...the abyss of the unknown must look like this, I wonder. LOL. I completely underestimated this Neptune square Neptune transit. I knew it was coming, but how hard could it really be?! My natal Neptune is in the 3rd (thought) with natal Pluto (digging/uncovering) also sextile natal Neptune. I'm good at knowing what the score really is, even when I choose to live in the land of denial for a while, I consciously know I am choosing it. Whatever this Neptune square Neptune has in store for me must be well beneath many, many layers and cannot be arrived at through my usual means! Hence, I know that my earth-rising, along with earth-Pluto and the alignments I mentioned above may also have a heavy hand in my inability to 'see' what I need to. My approach needs to change. I get that. My cardinal Sun and Moon and know-it-all Virgo-rising need to accept and be okay with having made some mistakes, especially in overconfidence of underestimating this transit :) I worked in finance for many years, and I can't tell you how many times I read the statement "Past performance is not indicative of future results" or something similar to it. It's how I feel about this Neptune-Neptune square transit. Have I told you transiting Pluto is also oppose my Sun? Ah, yes, these are good times for me, indeed. Seriously though, the combination of transiting Neptune and Pluto retrograde while challenging my Neptune and my Sun might just be what I need to get break through the fog and get past the unknown to arrive at enlightenment. Sounds easy enough ... not really. LOL. Although, now that the cardinal energies in me have been subdued and my Virgo-rising is over the initial shock of having made a mistake :) I'm in better shape to tackle this square/opposition business. I will take the next two weeks to prepare for the New Moon in Gemini next month which triggers the natal alignments I mentioned above as the Gemini-New Moon conjunct my natal Mercury (thought) & Midheaven (future). It's an ideal time to initiate my new approach. But now, I'm getting ahead of myself ... down, Virgo-rising & control-freak Pluto-rising :)

How might Neptune's retrograde transit influence your life? Look to the answers for the following questions. Where does her current transit fall in your birth chart? Do you have natal planets or house angles within 24 to 29 degrees of fixed signs? Which house or houses is/are governed by Aquarius? For those without a birth chart, cast your own -- birth date, time and place required.

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Neptune's Great Dark Spot, accompanied by white high-altitude clouds -- image credit and copyright to JPL, Voyager, NASA.

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