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Chiron Retrograde ~ June 4 to November 5, 2010

Celestial energies continue shifting with Chiron, who begins his retrograde cycle on June 4 lasting until November 5. While retrograde, Chiron returns to Aquarius on July 20 then re-enter Pisces on February 8, 2011 to stay all the way through 2018, then again for a few months in 2019.

Chiron represents both what is broken and how to heal it. Unlike a headache where the discomfort can be dispelled by a pill, probing through the darkest recesses of our selves and piercing through our thickest walls to uncover what is at the root is a painstaking process, but well worth the effort.

Chiron joins Neptune and Pluto in retrograde motion. As with any celestial body in retrograde, Chiron's focus turn inward, allowing us to experience his inner workings. We are able to reflect, review and repair. We become aware of the problem, the extent of the problem, the root of the problem, ushering in the solution and healing to the problem. Because Chiron, like Neptune and Pluto, is slow moving, his movements have global implications. However, this post will focus more on the possible personal implications of Chiron's retrograde cycle.

While retrograde in Pisces (the seeker), Chiron's focus may be to delve deep into our broken spirit (losing the will to live or live a life with purpose), or where we may have lost our faith (in humanity, in our own abilities, etc.), or our belief in that which is greater than the self (God, the Tao, the Divine, etc.). We are given a chance to reconnect our bond with the 'essence' of who we are/of our existence, or if we are already attuned, find where the link may be weak and strengthen those areas.

Upon Chiron's return to Aquarius (the awakener), we are awakened to what we may have been doing for the sake of life in auto-pilot and making decisions that reflect what's safe or doesn't take much effort or rock the boat. But when looking at the bigger picture, longer term effects are actually more destructive to us. Becoming aware should stir the consciousness to make changes. As we heal the self, we are then able to turn around and help another heal their wounds.

Along with Neptune's retrograde, who is in Aquarius, we have the chance to get in touch with our spirituality and psychological self, giving us the ability to really open ourselves to a world of hurt that no longer needs to be a part of our present or future. Be aware that Neptune is known to cause confusion and is easily tempted with escapism. Remind yourself of the healing process you are committed to achieving and fight excessive escapism. If clarity eludes you, ride the wave of confusion, and arrive at your destination ... enlightened.

Add Pluto's transformative energies while retrograde in Capricorn, we become empowered to make the difficult changes necessary in helping us move forward. We'll be required to purge, eliminate and cut ties as we become enlightened to the truth. No matter how harsh and crushing truth may be, we must recognize them and accept them before we can release them. Healing is a process so, be kind to yourself as you come face to face with old memories that haunt, unrecognizable shadows of the self, toxic thought processes or relationships, deeply-rooted reasons for destructive habits, etc.

Chiron will retrograde between zero degrees of Pisces all the way back to 26 degrees of Aquarius. Look to the natal house/s that Chiron is transiting to find out how this transit might play out in your life. In addition, those with natal planets or house angles between 25 degrees of Aquarius and zero degree of Pisces may feel the influence of Chiron's retrograde more strongly than others. And those who are going through their Chiron Return, please be extra kind to yourself. Uncovering and tackling decades of buried wounds can be painful, draining, frustrating, but it is a process that frees the soul and opens you up for what can be possible when burden is lifted.

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"Chiron and Achilles" (c. 1922-1925) by John Singer Sargent oil on canvas, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Image is public domain. Details at Wikicommons.

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