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WeeklyScopes Posted! ~ May 3 to 9, 2010

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WeeklyScopes ~ May 3 to 9
Be Like Nike, "Just Do It"

There's much to be said about focus and drive, especially since sheer determination has proven to result in success and often times despite a lack of resources or support. A strong mind and the ability for intense concentration are offered by the alignment between Mercury (need to communicate) and Pluto (need to know) early on in the week. This is immediately followed by the Sun (need to assert) and Mars (need to act) challenging each other to get things done. And just as the work week comes to a close, Venus (how we relate with others) and Mars get friendly to give us an extra helping of confidence and charm. Although our to-do list might overwhelm at the start of the week, concentrate on the tasks at hand, prioritize, multi-task and be motivated to succeed, in spite of whatever your circumstances may be.


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