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Jupiter Oppose Saturn-rx ~ May 23, 2010

Our solar system's two biggest gas giants meet in an opposition on May 23rd in the last degrees of Pisces (Jupiter) and Virgo (Saturn). Jupiter hasn't been in Pisces since 1997-1998. Saturn, however, is still retrograde and now revisits October 2009. Some issues, events or situations you're dealing with now may be reminiscent or even linked to last fall. This presents an opportunity for closure or movement, if blockages have been met, or clarity, if necessary information has been missing.

In addition, just last month on April 26, Saturn opposed Uranus, and we remain under the umbrella of that opposition now as Saturn finds himself opposed to Jupiter. It's almost as if the opposition between Jupiter and Saturn picks up, supports, or reenergizes the opposition between Saturn and Uranus while Jupiter and Uranus strengthen their growing alliance which perfects on June 6. The current tension between Jupiter and Saturn may provide the necessary insight, push or opportunity to move forward with whatever's been started.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, bliss, opportunities, ideals and, in general, expansion. Whatever you have or may be offered or can conceptualized or able to produce, Jupiter expands. Saturn is the planet of reality, hard work, obligations, and, in general, restriction. Whatever your situation may be or possible opportunities you may be offered or aspirations you may have, Saturn restricts by showing you the reality of the situation. So what happens when the planet of expansion is at opposing sides with the planet of restriction? Ahhh, therein lies the conundrum :)

It's really not much of a rub, though. Dreams, aspirations, goals -- they aren't tangible and tend to remain in the realm of our minds and hearts. Saturn gives our dreams legs to stand on -- he reaches from the deepest parts of the self that desires and brings out those desires to be dealt with in the visible world. How can it be a possibility? What makes it impossible? What resources can you use now? What would you need help with? How might you get that help? What kind of timeframe do you want and what do you realistically have to work with? Saturn hammers it down to manageable, measurable steps. In Virgo, Saturn breaks it down to the details, anticipates pitfalls and analyzes situations with precision. So, dream big with Jupiter; in Pisces, keep hope alive. But get down to business with Saturn.

The opposition between Jupiter and Saturn occurs at 28 degrees of Pisces and Virgo, respectively. Although we are all influenced by this rare alignment, those with natal planets or house angles on or around 28 degrees of mutable signs may feel the affect more strongly than others.

For me, this opposition hits me in a similar fashion as last month's Saturn-Uranus opposition. The opposition stimulates the same spot in my birth chart:

[It] touches my Neptune (what's hidden) adding to Pluto (purging) currently opposing my Sun (conscious will); and by summertime, Saturn (reality) will square (struggle with) my Sun, intensifying the existing Pluto opposition. All the while, Neptune squares my Neptune (ouch). The difference is that Jupiter reminds me of my goals and gives me back some optimism I may have lost a little since getting down and dirty in Saturn's mucky world of reality and restrictions. I regain the vision, get excited again and re-commit to the work ahead. Change isn't easy but necessary. I'm up for the challenge :)

What are your aspirations? How might this Jupiter-Saturn opposition influence your life? Look to the part of your chart that houses 28 degrees of Virgo and Pisces and/or check for natal planets or house angles on or around 28 degrees of mutable signs to get an idea. Cast your own birth chart -- birth date, time, and place required.

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Image of Jupiter and Saturn manipulated from 'A Place in the Universe' - credit and copyright to NASA.

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