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WeeklyScopes Posted! January 25 to 31, 2010

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WeeklyScopes ~ January 25 to 31, 2010
Tensions Rising

Mercury, now direct and still in Capricorn, starts off the week in a pickle with Mars who is still retrograde in Leo. Mid-week to Friday, Venus followed by the Sun, who are both in Aquarius, will also each connect with Mars. All this Martian energy in Leo against Capricorn and Aquarius are filled with willfulness and purpose but there is conflict in what approach and direction to take. As we relate (Venus) to our individual situations, our conscious will (the Sun) is determined to immediately break away and move forward (Aquarius). But our minds (Mercury) analyze the here, the now, the consequences; and we're urged to take the more conservative route (Capricorn). Be level-headed. To some degree, we can be thankful that Mars is retrograde and in a more introspective state. Lest our actions/decisions may work at cross-purposes. Yielding to Jupiter might also be beneficial; he has been in the peaceable, insightful sign of Pisces for about a week now. Those who are early born water signs or whose birth charts carries significant weight in water might be able to tap into Jupiter's energies more readily.


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