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LuvScopes Posted! ~ January 22 to 24, 2010

A retrograde-Saturn dominates the weekend. Both Venus and the Sun happily align with Saturn, but Saturn is afflicted as he and Pluto continue to inflict pain upon each other. The Aries-Moon is void of course Friday afternoon through the evening. She enters the grounded sign of Taurus just a little bit before midnight, where she stays all weekend; and upon arrival, quickly harmonizes with Jupiter, who is happy to carry away whatever baggage we may have been carrying from the day or the week.

We wake Saturday morning to the Moon linking up with Pluto and Saturn, establishing a serious tone for the day. Before noon, the tension between the Moon and Venus becomes apparent, and our stubbornness may get the better of us. A chance for conversation and repairing strained relationships is offered before the evening begins with the Moon's friendly link to Mercury who is “as a matter of fact” in Capricorn. But these discussions, even with the best of intentions, may only offer a temporary truce. The Moon and Mars, who is still retrograde in Leo, get in a tiff before the night is over.


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