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WeeklyScopes Posted! January 18 to 24, 2010

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WeeklyScopes ~ January 18 to 24, 2010
Risk-y Business

It's a bittersweet week for Aquarius. The sign of the waterbearer bid Jupiter farewell (on Sunday, the 17th) then turns around to welcome Venus (on Monday) and the Sun (on Tuesday) who leave Capricorn for Aquarius this week, where they remain until mid-February.

With Aquarius at the helm for the Sun and Venus, gone are the days when we opt for what's safe, proven and conservative. In Aquarius, we're more apt to be experimental and open-minded. Mid-week, the Moon's entrance in Aries fuels Aquarian ideals and curiosity. Be open and aware to possibilities. Just try not to leap without looking, especially with Mars unaspected. Without connecting with any celestial bodies, except for the occasional but quickly fleeting link to the Moon, Mars is a lone Lion and free to act as he pleases. Even in his retrograde state, Mars can still make some damage; he governs our actions, aggressions, and motivations.

By week's end, Venus (on Friday) and the Sun (on Sunday) each take turn playing nice with Saturn, who is now retrograde and encouraging a little reflection before speaking, acting or deciding. Take heed, Saturn and Pluto's strengthening alliance is holding us accountable for our actions.


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