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MonthlyScopes ~ February 2010

*Please note that all day/time references are North America Eastern time unless otherwise noted.

Air is still tense from Saturn and Pluto conjoining on the last day of January. Their influence saturated most of January and its effects linger as February begins. Early-born cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) may be the ones taking most of the beating. By the first weekend though, we'll all be able to exhale when Jupiter encourages Saturn to see beyond restrictions, have a little faith, and be inspired; Jupiter then moves on to soften Pluto's relentless approach with optimism and glimpses of success. Soon after, Mercury joins the Sun in the forward-thinking sign of Aquarius, just as Venus enters the loving sign of Pisces. So, hang in there.

Mid-month, the New Moon in Aquarius gives us all a renewal as the Moon is reborn. In Aquarius, the Moon brings out the rebel in us, breaking away from the mold and insisting upon the freedom to live the uniqueness of our individuality. If you're feeling stuck, this New Moon phase is an ideal period to get unstuck. The opportunistic link between Mars and Saturn, both introspective in their retrograde state, offer help in devise an intelligent way to make this happen. Following the New Moon is Valentine's Day with Chiron and Neptune growing ever closer in the background. Use this time to move onto the next stage in a relationship, rekindle romance, rededicate commitments, or jump with both feet towards the promise of a new love. Days later, the Sun leaves electric Aquarius for enlightened Pisces.

The last day of February brings us to the Full Moon in Virgo, shedding a discriminating light upon our health, lifestyle, work, chores and daily routine. How successful were we at initiating projects/actions after the New Moon -- breaking away, getting out of a rut or implementing a new of expressing our individual freedoms and establishing new routines? There is cause for optimism and joy. This Full Moon opposes Jupiter, who busily blends energies with the Sun and gives joy and hope to even the hardest and/or saddest of hearts.

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Aries-Sun or Rising ~ Was January a whirlwind? A roller coaster of events or emotions, maybe? The Sun and Venus remain in your friendships and social gatherings house so go ahead and lean on or connect/reconnect with friends or a particular friend. Allow the New Moon and Neptune and Chiron's meeting mid-month to mend bridges with friends or give you a renewed sense of personal responsibility to the society you live in. Things slow down a bit as the month comes to a close with the Sun and Venus slipping into your house of repose and the Moon becomes full in your house of health. Give yourself the physical, psychological, and/or emotional break you need from the month's activities.

Taurus-Sun or Rising ~ The future is bright. The New Moon shines upon it this month. It does, however, require abandoning what's been the norm, what's familiar. Jupiter is getting settled into your house of friendships and associations, suggesting opportunities/help may come from contacts – old and new. So, find time this month to reach out, get out, network or simply have fun (connecting or reconnecting) with friends. Saturn and Pluto continue to challenge you in expanding your mind and break down walls/thoughts that hold you back. Be inspired and boldly go where you have feared to tread.

Gemini-Sun or Rising ~ Geminis, especially early-born ones, are still getting a dose of reality from Saturn and Pluto, enlightening upon the foundation with which your relationships are built upon – may they be intimate, platonic, business or familial. Is it time for an overhaul? Maybe so, but consider holding off on making life-altering or permanent decisions/actions until after Mars begins moving forward next month. He's cruising through your house of thought and communication. Perhaps, there is information you've yet to receive or options not yet available to you. Think carefully, plan decisively but exercise prudence.

Cancer-Sun or Rising ~ Letting go is not the easiest thing to do for a sign that finds memories and history as a helpful guide into the present and future. Holding on is what's most comfortable. Don't mistake familiarity with stability, comfortable with grounding. Imagine that which you cling on to the tightest or fear most of losing. Now, imagine releasing it. Oh, don't scurry away back into your shell. There is inspiration for you to behold. It's easy to miss it when much of your energy is spent on holding fast to what is beyond your control. The heavens bring its attention in the part of your house that governs endings, transformation and, by the end of the month, inspiration. For every door that closes, another opens. Close a chapter in your book of life, for another awaits to be written.

Leo-Sun or Rising ~ You are a generous soul, giving of your time and energy. Energy – you might have less of these days as Mars continues to be retrograde in your sign, which leaves little to be desired but you may have finally given in to the slower pace. If not, take heed; burnout is imminent. Take the first half of the month to learn balancing your needs with satisfying those of others, especially as the Moon becomes new in your opposite sign and blends energies with Chiron and Neptune. Mend relationships. Rebuild burned bridges. Heal old wounds. Late-born Leos may feel the effects of this month's new moon more than others. As the month closes, the things you value most become clearer and focusing your energies on those make for goal-oriented start to March, the month when Mars begins forward movement once more. *sigh of relief*

Virgo-Sun or Rising ~ Watch your health and stress level going into February. Limit worry to things of real concern instead of perceived or projected possible outcomes. The New Moon blending energies with Chiron and Neptune offers up healing old hurts/wounds and release from negative habits or unhealthy lifestyle. Work and dedication to finally letting go are required, though. Rest assured your efforts and hard work are rewarded, perhaps as early as when the Moon becomes full in your sign at month's end. Prior to the full moon, however, the Sun and Venus, followed by Mercury later, will shine a light into your house of partnerships. You do not have to be alone or feel alone. The Sun and Venus remind you that others who care are around to support your efforts and be your cheerleader :)

Libra-Sun or Rising ~ Despite Saturn in your sign and his fight with Pluto, you've remained your upbeat, gracious, charming self. This is, partly, thanks to the Sun and Venus in fellow air sign, Aquarius. They cast an encouraging light in your house of fun and creativity. You may have found an outlet for negative energies or worries through creative projects, having fun with children, creating happy memories with a lover, or just the simplicity of reconnecting with your inner child. If you haven't, the Aquarius-New Moon blending energies with Chiron and Neptune offer up healing, may they be old emotional hurts, deeply-rooted mental wounds or something physical. After the New Moon, the Sun and Venus leave Aquarius for Pisces, activating your house of work, health and daily routine. Busy work may occupy the rest of your month. Just be mindful and don't neglect your health. If you forget though, the Full Moon at month's end illuminates your house of rest and relaxation, urging you to take some much needed rest.

Scorpio-Sun or Rising ~ It's just all going soooo much slower than expected. A wall at every turn. Loose ends that can't quite be tied up just yet. You've been patient. Now, you're crossing over to frustrated. Hang in there. Don't doubt what you know to be true. Mars continues to be retrograde and affects the achievements of your goals. Pluto is in your house of thought while taking a beating from Saturn who is the house of your subconscious, which may cause you to second guess yourself and the decisions/actions you've made. There's no need for doubt if decisions were well thought out and actions executed as planned. In truly difficult times, look to Jupiter who offers hope and happiness. He is currently encouraging you to enjoy the simpler pleasures in life – your children, having fun, reconnecting with the child within you. If creative juices are flowing, run with it and see where it takes you. In short, don't worry about what's beyond your control. Instead, remain centered and willful by remaining joyful.

Sagittarius-Sun or Rising ~ Our thoughts are co-creators of our reality. Have you been thinking good ones? Mars still retrograde may be keeping you from expanding your mind, but the Sun and Venus in your house of thought have been helping keep you open-minded and forward thinking. This will get a boost mid-month when the New Moon conjoins with Neptune and Chiron, healing any mental blockages that keep you from "seeing beyond" the physical world and keeping you from seeing past your situation. The conflict between Saturn and Pluto may be hitting your wallet pretty hard; their fight may actually be teaching you about finances -- how to handle it, how you define it or how it defines you, etc. The Full Moon at the end of the month light up your house of career and future goals. Perhaps, the lessons you learn from the New Moon, Neptune and Chiron, and Saturn and Pluto can be something you begin applying in your life going forward.

Capricorn-Sun or Rising ~ How are you holding up? You're such a trooper. Saturn and Pluto may have been upsetting long term plans or conflict with authority figures just couldn't get resolved or perhaps clients have been especially difficult to please. On a personal level, you've have to make some difficult, much needed and permanent changes in the past few months. Rest assure this pressure from Saturn and Pluto will lift, only to return later this year. But we'll deal with that again when it comes around. The Sun and Venus remain in your house of finances for the first half of the month and with the New Moon illuminating the same house, you may be doing quite well, despite Saturn and Pluto. Later in the month, the Sun and Venus enter your house of thought and communication, ideal for tackling some planning.

Aquarius-Sun or Rising ~ Happy Birthday, February-born Aquarians! Although the month may begin with everyone wanting a piece of you, your time, your energy, your attention, rest assured it won't last. Soon, the Moon will be new in your sign, giving focus to you and helping you reconnect with your individuality, your desires, your goals. Soon, Mercury enters Aquarius and joins the Sun and Venus, as they spend their last days in your sign. Thought processes and communication style will be more to your liking. You may finally find the clarity and focus you've been seeking these past weeks. Just watch that the volume level on your soapbox is set on a friendly tone. Mars continues to be retrograde in your opposite sign, suggesting that you gracefully continue to give others latitude.

Pisces-Sun or Rising ~Happy Birthday, February-born Pisceans! If you haven't taken some much needed R&R, please do so as February begins and definitely by the New Moon mid-month. Soon, there will be three planets in your house of rest, plus Mars retrograde in your health house and Saturn retrograde in you regenerative house. This combination screams, “Slow down. Rest.” Should you continue at the same rate or a more hurried pace, you may just find that every step you take is blocked by something beyond your control and you are forced to take a detour, only to find yourself not much farther than where you started. Frustrating, right? Avoid all that and give yourself a day or two or more for a mental and physical rejuvenation.

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