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Jupiter in Pisces - January 17 to June 6, 2010

On January 17 at 9:17 p.m. (EST), Jupiter, the "Great Benefic", leaves the electric, unpredictable sign of Aquarius for the familiar waters of inspired Pisces, a zodiac sign that he jointly rules with Neptune which he has not visited in over a decade. He remains in Pisces through June 6, 2010. Jupiter later retrogrades, however, and returns to Pisces once more from September 9, 2010 until January 23, 2011.

Jupiter represents good luck, joy, expansion, opportunities, higher education, and personal growth through our interests, experience and spirituality. He also governs publishing, travel, foreigners and exposure to other cultures. At best, Jupiter brings a wealth of knowledge, understanding, growth, as well as financial gains. At worst, overindulgent, excessive, wasteful and unable to get past "dreaming" of the possibilities.

Pisces is imaginative, creative, receptive and peace-loving. Pisces governs mysticism, spirituality, intuition, dreams, psychic abilities, compassion, sacrificial love, escapism, drug/substance abuse, phobias and mental problems. At best, Pisces is spiritually/psychically attune to the inner-workings within the "unseen" world and able to apply this awareness in the "seen" world. At worst, deluded, diffident and incapable of functioning in the physical realm.

In Pisces, Jupiter is super compassionate, seeks to fully understand how we are all interconnected, aims for more spiritual connections, and is intuitively in sync with a more collective consciousness. This transit encourages us as a whole to begin, continue or educate others in exploring ways to improve our own quality of life, as well as of those around us -- may it be living greener, adopting a healthier lifestyle, giving back through volunteer work, connecting with the divine, becoming more aware of one's civic duties, or even something as simple as treating others as you would have yourself be treated. The effort of each, collectively, benefits more people and, possibly, on a global scale.

On a personal level, Jupiter in Pisces is a time to recognize the existence and influence of the unseen world through seeking our own personal truths, no matter where the journey might lead us along the way. Be open to unlock the "magic" of the subconscious, tap into one's own spiritual consciousness, and learn to trust one's own intuition more. Be adventurous enough to explore the unknown.

Be always mindful, however, of Jupiter's negative traits -- excessiveness, overestimation, overoptimism, overindulgence -- and Pisces' negative traits -- escapism, phobias, mental instability, substance/alcohol abuse, extreme confusion. There are tense astrological alignments forming above us this year, which I'll write about as they come close to happening. The combination of these events, along with the challenges of every day life, plus Jupiter in Pisces may tempt us too much in choosing the path of avoidance. Escaping is necessary, yes. But everything in moderation, right? Remain in control and drive the wheel of your life, motivated by your own volition. Allow this period to help you seek what gives you zen, if you haven't already discovered it. This zen state will prove satisfying and fulfilling beyond imagination. I promise.

For me, as a Virgo-rising, Jupiter continues to transit my natal 6th house of work and health and will enter my 7th house of partnerships in May; as a Cancer-Sun, Jupiter transits my 9th house of travel, publishing and personal growth. This period is greatly beneficial for my work as an astrologer, further fine-tuning my intuitive skills and having more opportunities, work-wise. I will have to watch how I take care of myself, however. Watch what I eat. Make time for exercise. Manage stress levels. Budget my time more wisely.

How will Jupiter's transit in Pisces influence in your life? Look to the Pisces-ruled house/s in your birth chart. Match the signs with the house cusps on your birth chart. Use the list of zodiac signs below to identify the Pisces zodiac sign on your birth chart click here for an explanation of Jupiter transiting those solar and/or natal houses.

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For those without a birth chart, you may use your Sun sign or Rising/Ascendant sign, if you know it. Look for your Sun and/or Rising Sign below then click here for an explanation of Jupiter transiting those solar and/or natal houses.
  • Aries-Sun or Aries Rising ~ 12th House
  • Taurus-Sun or Taurus Rising ~ 11th House
  • Gemini-Sun or Gemini-Rising ~ 10th House
  • Cancer-Sun or Cancer-Rising ~ 9th House
  • Leo-Sun or Leo-Rising ~ 8th House
  • Virgo-Sun or Virgo-Rising ~ 7th House
  • Libra-Sun or Libra-Rising ~ 6th House
  • Scorpio-Sun or Scorpio-Rising ~ 5th House
  • Sagittarius-Sun or Sagittarius-Rising ~ 4th House
  • Capricorn-Sun or Capricorn-Rising ~ 3rd House
  • Aquarius-Sun or Aquarius-Rising ~ 2nd House
  • Pisces-Sun or Pisces-Rising ~ 1st House
Alternatively, you may cast your own birth chart for use as reference -- birth date, time, and place required. Schedule a session or request a quote for a personal reading. Or maybe head over to the AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks Forum* to start or join in on a discussion.

What significance do planets, signs, and houses have in astrology? Planets have the function, the job to do. The style/manner they will use get that job done is defined by the zodiac sign they occupy. Where in our life the job gets done is determined by the house the planet occupies/transits. So, when Mars (aggression) is in Aries (bold), he is more assertive than when he is in Cancer (sensitive). When traveling through the 10th house (professional life), he may bring his confidence and motivation in matters relating to our career. While in the 11th house (friendships), we may be more inclined to having our social calendar packed with activities. Having the foresight for what may be coming up or receiving confirmation on what may be happening now are ways astrology can be beneficial ... as above, so below.

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"Rare Triple Eclipse on Jupiter" - image credit and copyright to NASA, ESA, and E. Karkoschka (University of Arizona).

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