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WeeklyScopes ~ January 4 to 10, 2010

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Hi friends and readers,

A number of you notified me that the link to the weekly horoscopes was not working. Thank you. I have notified The link is still broken (as of this post) so, I've pasted the WeeklyScopes below that I've written for their site. Sorry for the inconvenience. I blame it on Mercury-retrogade :) Blessings.

WeeklyScopes ~ January 4 to 10, 2010
Reflect, Review, Reassess

* Days and times reflect EST

Throughout the week, the Sun and Venus each take turn connecting with Mercury and Mars, possibly causing indecision and hesitation as both remain retrograde. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto all in Capricorn, our concerns require real answers, practical solutions, reasonable explanations, methodical planning, and/or an organized set of action items. Mercury and Mars in retrograde make this an ideal period for reviewing, re-planning, and reassessing responsibilities and possible approaches to accomplishing goals.

The Sun sheds light on our responsibilities and restrictions; Venus evaluates our relationship to our obligations, while Mercury keeps the reality of our situations at the forefront of our minds. Just watch out for retrograde-Mars in Leo who might get frustrated and impatient, especially with tensions continuing to rise between Saturn and Pluto, as they rock our established foundations.

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ARIES ~ Your professional life take up most of your time, whether thinking about it or actually burning the midnight oil. Or perhaps personal aspirations keep you up at night – thinking, dreaming, planning. If the former, don't get baited into a conflict with a superior. In either situation, keep a level head and opt for conventional approaches.

TAURUS ~ Home life may be an extra challenge as the week begins. Choose your words and gestures wisely as misinterpretations of intentions may be common this period. Alternatively, give extra latitude to others as you may very well misunderstand their message. If you are offered a chance to do something or be somewhere outside your comfort zone, accept it. You may be surprised at the result.

GEMINI ~ Watch the attitude early in the week. With Mercury still retrograde, refrain from making any definitive long-term financial decisions, especially with regards to investments. Do review possible options. Just hold off on acting on them. There may be information that has not yet come to light. In matters of health, keep yourself bundled up to prevent the possibility respiratory issues (if it is winter where you live).

CANCER ~ Partnerships, whether business or intimate, may be a focus this week. Curtail acting out emotionally; consider reactions rooted in reason and logic. Easier said than done for a Cancerian, maybe. Try it anyway. Watch out for the impulse to find comfort in shopping or hoarding. Mars retrograde in your income house suggests there may be financial considerations that you may not yet be aware of.

LEO ~ Keep tabs on your health this week. Listen to your body. Rest, as necessary. There may be a lot of work to be done, just pace yourself. If you get sick, you definitely will not get anything done. Then, the added worry of not getting things done would affect your ability to recuperate quickly. Remember that Mars retrograde in your sign is still asking you to slow down. Take heed.

VIRGO ~ Difficulty with children or perhaps a stall in getting your creative juices flowing may plague you this week. Love and romance may get also a workout. There's an overwhelming need to know if you're both on the “same page” so, some serious talk and/or reassurances may be required of you or by you. Keep in mind that Mercury is still retrograde so, express yourself clearly and make allowances for possible miscommunication.

LIBRA ~ Family remains a concern, especially with regards to how obligations restrict you from "soaring". But with two planets in retrograde, there might not be much to do but sit and wait. Impatience and frustration abound. Don't give in. Instead re-evaluate possible scenarios/solutions and be prepared for what may be required. Keep thoughts aligned to the outcome desired. After all, our thoughts help create our reality.

SCORPIO ~ Remaining poised may be the exercise for you this week. Your patience may be tried over and over, but rise above it. Put up your Scorpion senses and get the insight you need regarding your interactions with others. Identify your true allies early on. Don't get drawn into a situation where it's you against an authority figure. You may not be able to keep yourself from putting your pincers to work. But if you're ok with the consequences, let those pincers loose.

SAGITTARIUS ~ As the year begins, you get the sense that your fortitude is being tested. For every step you take, there is an obstacle to tackle. For each plan you create, there is a hitch you did not anticipate. Finances are a concern. Opportunities for increasing income look slim. Give yourself a break. The year just began and with it, two retrograde planets in your house of expansion and your money house. Continue as you have been. Remain positive. Blockages will begin to lift.

CAPRICORN ~ With four celestial bodies in your sign and three of which touching each other closely, you may find yourself thinking and/or talking in circles. Overanalyzing won't get you anything but frustration and wasted energy. With two planets retrograde, this issue/situation will be revisited again despite the feeling of immediacy now. Consider that a final answer or definitive solution may not be required now. Perhaps something temporary or a partial plan or leaving things as they are may be enough for now.

AQUARIUS ~ Clarity eludes. There's something you're missing, and you can't pinpoint it. So frustrating. Be aware and avoid displacing your anger or frustration. Mercury retrograde in your house of the subconscious may be keeping you from fully seeing the complete picture or perhaps there's information not yet available to you. The clarity you seek may not come until after Mercury moves direct mid-month. Shift your focus and energy on something equally important instead. Find productivity elsewhere.

PISCES ~ Not much activity on the social front … well, not much positive activity, anyway. There may be drama involved with one or more of your friends/frenemies. This may or may not involve you directly, but might still require your involvement in finding a solution. Steer clear, if possible. This situation may not actually be resolved until later this month. With Mars still retrograde in your work and health house, turn the focus on yourself for a change and watch your health.

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