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LuvScopes Posted! ~ January 8 to 10, 2010

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Passions run high with the weekend's Scorpio-Moon heating up Venus and the Sun's hookup. With intuition and guile as her guide to unleash the Capricorn sensuality, the four planets in cool, calm, collected Capricorn are no match for the Scorpio-Moon's intensity, ardor and resolve. No fleeting affairs this weekend, however. Saturn and Pluto, still growing tense in the background, demands for substance. So, if all you want is a little fun canoodling, then you'd better make that clear. Lest you gain your very own stalker ;-) Committed coupling is the name of the game. It's a great weekend for romance, whether it's heating up a blossoming love, rekindling flames of longtime lovers or making the first move with the object of one's affection. Do watch out for Mercury, who's still retrograde. If words fail, express yourself actions rooted in love or very deep like.


Image credit and copyright to Talliktok Katauyak.

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