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Venus Trine Pluto ~ June 8, 2009

Transformative love. Meaningful connections. Intensity in relationships. Passionate. Sensual. Power play. Obsessive love. Need for control. Power to let go. The new work week begins with a focus on our relationships -- intimate, platonic, familial, all types. In contrast with last month's Venus-Pluto alignment, this Venus-Pluto relationship is more fluid and harmonizing. Similar energies are in play but less conflicting and obstrusive. It's easy to be consumed by the intensity felt in our interactions, especially with loved ones, potential significant others, or those we aspire to emulate or impress.

Following Sunday's Full Moon in Sagittarius, where focus was given on ascertaining what is at the heart of our thoughts/ideas, this collaboration between Venus (love/relating) in Taurus (tenacious/security-seeking) and Pluto (depth/transformation) in Capricorn (structure/disciplined) illuminates what ties us to our existing existing relationships -- what is the foundation of this bond? how deep and how wide is this love? what feeds this attachment?

In the hours preceding the perfection of their alliance, the Sagittarius-Moon makes her own alignments to Chiron (the wounded healer), Uranus (the awakener), Neptune (the enlightened one), and Jupiter (the idealist). Our hearts (Moon) become aware (Uranus) of how our relationships (Venus) may be flawed (Chiron). We remain hopeful (Jupiter) that this awareness will inspire (Neptune) the commitment (Taurus/Capricorn) necessary in making reparations and changes (Pluto).

About 30 minutes after Venus and Pluto perfect their alignment, the Moon enters a more serious Capricorn and quickly moves to blend energies with Pluto, arousing emotional reactions rooted from the farthest/deepest recesses of our hearts. We may become critical of what defines our connections, where our foundations lie, and how they are reflected in our current relations. Another hour and the Capricorn-Moon harmoniously aligns herself with the Taurean-Venus. We become nostalgic of our past relationships; we realize how valuable our current relationships are to us; we become determined to hold on, savor, enjoy, and be grateful for the presence of our loved ones in our lives.

This Venus-Pluto trine occurs at 2 degrees and 21 minutes of Taurus (Venus) and Capricorn (Pluto). What houses will this trine activate in your chart (match the sign and degree)?

For me, the 4th (home, family, past/roots) and 8th (sex, death/endings, regeneration) houses are activated, urging me to acknowledge the importance of family/roots/the past and their influence on me in the present; it also encourages me to recognize any unfavorable/unhealthy family-related issues and/or deeply-rooted hurtful memories (4th), come to terms with these wounds (emotional or otherwise), and "let go" of them so I can move on (8th).

Unsure of what house/s this trine will influence? Cast your own birth chart for use as reference -- birth date, time, and place required. Or request a quote for a paid personalized reading. (both links open a new window)

Later this month, Venus gives Mars a great, big smooch.

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Sculpture of Psyche and Cupid (Psyche revived by the kiss of Love) by Antonio Canova, displayed in the Louvre, courtesy of Pixdaus.

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