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A Promising Weekend ~ June 13 & 14, 2009

In Saturday's early hours, the Gemini-Sun (conscious will) and Aquarius-Moon (heart) will harmonize, encouraging an easy flow of energy between our volition and core motivations. What a perfect introduction to a celestially promising weekend!

Seven hours later, at 9:47 a.m. (Eastern), the Moon blends energies with Chiron (the wounded healer), the first of three spiritual heavenly bodies she will combine forces with on this day. Her meeting with Chiron bestows inner awareness of deeply-rooted structured ways/thought processes that need changing or old wounds that need healing.

Less than an hour later, at 10:21 a.m., the Moon unites with Neptune (the enlightened one), where we are granted the ability to delve into the farthest recesses of our minds and souls. Reconnect with the parts of ourselves we've neglected or forgotten or never knew or given up on. As 11:33 a.m. approaches, the Moon mixes it up with Jupiter (the lucky one), allowing us the opportunity to make good on what we've uncovered the past couple of hours.

By late afternoon, the Moon makes her last alignment in Aquarius by antagonizing Mercury (mind) and forcing us to shift our thought-process to something new/unconventional or, at the very least, incite enough curiosity to provoke the mind.

Early in the evening, the Moon enters Pisces where our imagination can run wild and the subleties of life are more apparent. The Moon quickly aligns herself with Pluto (transformation) just as Mercury (mind) re-enters Gemini (curious/cerebral). As we sleep that Saturday night, our subconscious fill with dreams of what was stirred throughout the day -- memories, hurts, renewals, shifting ways of thinking, envisioning a change, solidifying goals ...

We wake to a Sunday morning with the Pisces-Moon harmoniously aligned to Venus (relationships), followed by an agreeable link with Mars (drive/motivation) in the early afternoon. May our actions (Mars) be driven by the hopefulness (Pisces) we feel (Moon) within the significant relationships (Venus) present in our lives.

Let's rewind back to Saturday ----- In practical terms, how does Saturday's Moon conjunctions to Chiron, Neptune, and Jupiter benefit and/or influence us, and how we do get the most use of what is being offered to us? This party of four occurs in the electric sign of Aquarius, which is known for its innovation, forward-thinking, and unpredictable ways. So, let's be bold and bravely sift through our subconsicious and psychological baggage, lighten our loads, and make room for a much needed and wanted present and future! The Aquarian energy may surprise us with finding unconventional solutions to common problems or long standing issues.

As for myself, I recognize that "I" am one of the bigger reasons holding myself back. I firmly believe that energy flows where attention goes, so I want to put my attention on my personal goals and desires --> enter the creation of a vision board. What is a vision board? Quite simply, it's a visual representation of our intentions. It helps define, clarify, and focus our dreams so that they are more tangible and concrete. Having my goals surround me in plain sight (in a big board) with images tangibly and words visibly attached to the dreams in my head and wishes in my heart, the path to achieving my personal objectives become less cluttered and more defined.

Here is a written description and instructions or for video instructions, click here.

How will you take advantage of this weekend's auspicious celestial offerings?

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