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Venus-Mars Conjunction in Taurus

Since their rendez-vous on April 21st when Mars swept Venus off her feet upward and through those dreamy Piscean clouds, Venus (love/relationships) has been busy chasing after Mars (sex/motivations). Their romantic interlude was brief but stirred interest for more. Venus' efforts are rewarded as she gets some face time with Mars on June 21, perfecting their blending of energies at 9:09 a.m. (Eastern) and giving the new week a bright beginning!

This time around, the couple meet in the comfort-seeking, sensual, and grounded sign of Taurus. Their kiss may not be as "romantic" as last April's but it promises "more" than just a dalliance, as both Venus and Mars form a harmonious link to Saturn (longevity) in Virgo (practical). Saturn's influence on the couple results in the meticulous (Virgo) laying out of their realities, limitations, and challenges, including the hard work involved with being in a healthy and successful relationship. Adding to his reach and influence is the Moon (heart) in Gemini's (cerebral) antagonistic link to Saturn, where our emotions (Moon) take a back seat to reason and logic (Virgo/Gemini).

Elsewhere in the sky, the Sun (conscious will), newly in Cancer (intuitive) and at Aries Point (greater strength), in conflict with Pluto (power/transformation) and the North Node (life path) adds even more depth and weight upon this Venus-Mars blending of energies.

New relationships may find the Taurean stability of this Venus-Mars meeting comforting and encouraging. Existing relationships that may have been troubled the past few weeks/months may now find a more grounded redefinition and/or cohesive foundation to their coupling. Others may come to the conclusion that the challenges are just too great and a breakup may be the better choice. Couples who have been and remain solid may find this energy validation of their relationships' strength and lasting power.

On a deeper level, as our relationships of all types take center stage (intimate, platonic, familial, with the self, etc.), we are asked to determine or be reminded of who/what may take importance in our lives, becoming the motivation behind our actions. Are these people, things, or goals worthy of our time and energy? Are we driven (Mars) by love or lust (Venus), fear or power (Pluto), obligations or pride (Saturn), volition or purpose (Sun/North Node), greed or materialism (Taurus)? While we remain under the umbrella of the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune triple conjunction and while all three are in retrograde motion, we are encouraged to seek within and right wrongs, even at the cost of complete ruin so that we may begin to correct/heal as we continue each of our journey to personal growth.

For me personally, my natal Saturn feels the weight of this Venus-Mars conjunction and their alignment to transiting Saturn. All three transiting planets now grow closer to blending energies (Venus & Mars) and declaring war (transiting Saturn) with my natal Saturn. That's more than enough Saturn action for me! My realities, obligations, limitations, and obstacles are clearly defined and laid out for me. Some are self-imposed, while others are unavoidable and thrust upon me, but all are necessary to move me forward. Many figurative valleys and mountains to climb as this Venus-Mars conjunction fall in my natal 8th house of shared resources, debt, endings, and transformation. I'm up for the challenges before me; it's a part of my journey, and I accept it.

Who might be most influenced by this Venus-Mars hookup? Those with Venus-ruled Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars; Venus-ruled 1st, 5th, or 7th houses; or have house angles and/or personal planets at 15 degrees of Taurus, Libra, Aquarius, Leo, and Scorpio; and especially, those born May 5-7 and October 8-10.

Unsure of what natal house/s this Venus-Mars meeting will fall in? Cast your own birth chart for use as reference -- birth date, time, and place required. Or request a quote for a paid personalized reading. (both links open a new window)

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Image of Sandro Boticelli's Venus and Mars, 1843, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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