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Sun in Cancer ~ June 21 to July 22, 2009

It's about that time of the year when the Sun travels through my Sun sign, Cancer. From June 21 to July 22 (July 23 in other parts of the world), the Sun pours out his vitality and life-giving energy to the first water sign in the zodiac.

The Sun represents the self we present to the external world, our vital life force, potential, ambitions, intentions, and unrealized/untapped inherent talents/skills. In Cancer, the Sun's energy is focused on the inner workings of the self -- who we are, what we desire, who/what motivates us -- rooted at our hearts and the emotional side of the self. Most Cancer-Suns initially react from the heart and are not necessarily moved by reason or practicality, especially if their gut feelings urge them otherwise. The cardinal sign of Cancer represents our roots, our families, the past, the home, and our emotions. Cancer is sensitive, intuitive, and maternal. She is ruled by the Moon, who moves approximately one degree every 2.5 hours and changes signs (personalities) every 2.5 days ... no wonder Cancers get the unfortunate reputation of being moody!

The Sun in Cancer encourages us all to be more attuned to our emotions, sensitivities, intuition, and value our private life enough to give it as much effort as our external drives. This transit period is ideal for reconnecting with family members who we may have neglected but are significant to us; remembering the past (both painful and happy memories) that has helped shape who we are today; spending more time with our immediate family and letting our actions mirror our love for them; and finding balance between satisfying our conscious will and our deepest heart's desires.

While visiting the zodiac sign of Cancer, the Sun will connect with the Moon and the following planets (all dates reflect Eastern time; +/-2 days life span of influence except for new/full moon=2 weeks and eclipses=up to 6 months):

  • June 22, New Moon ~ This will the first of two consecutive new moons in the sign of Cancer this year. Yey for me and other Cancer-Suns & Risings out there. Click here for article.
  • June 23, Sun oppose Pluto ~ intense, raw reactions. Our perceptions may be skewed because we interpret intentions to have deeper (perhaps more malevolent) meanings that they actually have. Dig deep and identify the source of what may be behind your reactions. Perhaps today's event/issue/problem/disagreement is rooted at something completely disassociated to what actually transpired today; perhaps it was only a trigger to existing, maybe long-forgotten, issue that still intensely affects you...subconsciously.
  • June 26, Sun & Moon in harmony ~ head and heart in agreement. It's a good day for self-expression. Those who need to communicate something important are mindful of who their audience is. In turn, those receiving their message have an open mind and heart. Today is my Solar Return day, marks the beginning of my personal year. This Sun-Moon alignment will help color my birthday year which is a nice and welcome change from my natal Sun (Cancer) & Moon (Aries) that are usually in conflict.
  • July 2 & 3, Sun at odds with Chiron, Neptune & Jupiter ~ time for healing and renewing hopefulness that may have eluded you. A new leaf is turning, but first you must face some harsh truths or painful memories and rise above them. Let go and make room for energies that you'd like to invite in your life.
  • July 7, Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse ~ What may have been started during the New Moon on June 22 may find completion, resolution, or endings now. It's time to harvest what was sown. In addition to this full moon is the beginning of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipses that will last approximately two years. Click here for article.
  • July 9, Sun & Saturn in harmony ~ our hard work pays off. The Taskmaster (Saturn) gives the Sun his nod of approval today. There is still work to be done, but today we receive recognition of a job well done. It's easy to get stuck in the details, though, so slow down, step back, and remind yourself to see things from a bird's eye view.
  • July 13, Sun & Mercury meld mind & soul ~ what's on our minds are easily communicated today. It's also easy to be less reasonable and too sensitive today. We may speak without regard to our delivery.
  • July 17 & 18, Sun aligns with Chiron, Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus ~ revisits the events of July 2 & 3? However, Uranus is at work today so, expect the unexpected. Surprises, brilliant ideas/plans, abruptness, sudden change of mind/heart, rebelliousness, stubbornness. Whatever may be at play, do not resist change. Resistance hinders healing/awareness/insights/opportunities. The road to necessary change may be difficult but well worth it.
  • July 21, New Moon/Solar Eclipse ~ the second New Moon in Cancer and the second of the 2-year series of Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses. Click here for article.

With the Sun's transit in Cancer, Cancer-Suns and Risings are showered with rejuvenating rays, illuminating their First House which represents the outward self, our leadership skills, our soul/being, and our life's purpose.

Not a Cancer-Sun or Rising? No worries. The Sun's generosity extends to all. Where will this Sun transit fall on your birth chart? Look to the natal and solar house/s ruled by the Cancer. Match the signs with the house cusps on your solar and natal charts. (Solar chart uses your Sun sign; Natal chart uses your Rising sign.) Use the list of zodiac signs below to identify the Cancer zodiac sign on your birth chart then click here for a brief explanation.

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Look for your Sun and Rising Signs below then click here for an explanation of Sun transiting those houses.

  • Aries or Aries Rising ~ 4th House
  • Taurus or Taurus Rising ~ 3rd House
  • Gemini or Gemini-Rising ~ 2nd House
  • Cancer or Cancer-Rising ~ 1st House
  • Leo or Leo-Rising ~ 12th House
  • Virgo or Virgo-Rising ~ 11th House
  • Libra or Libra-Rising ~ 10th House
  • Scorpio or Scorpio-Rising ~ 9th House
  • Sagittarius or Sagittarius-Rising ~ 8th House
  • Capricorn or Capricorn-Rising ~ 7th House
  • Aquarius or Aquarius-Rising ~ 6th House
  • Pisces or Pisces-Rising ~ 5th House

Alternatively, you may cast your own birth chart by clicking here (opens a new window) for use as reference -- birth date, time, and place required. Or request a quote for a personalized reading.

What significance do planets, signs, and houses have in astrology? Planets have the function, the job to do. The style/manner they will use get that job done is defined by the zodiac sign they occupy. Where in our life the job gets done is determined by the house the planet occupies/transits. So, when Mars (aggression) is in Aries (bold), he is more assertive than when he is in Cancer (sensitive). When traveling through the 10th house (professional life), he may bring his confidence and motivation in matters relating to our career. While in the 11th house (friendships), we may be more inclined to having our social calendar packed with activities. Having the foresight for what may be coming up or receiving confirmation on what may be happening now are ways astrology can be beneficial ... as above, so below.

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