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Uranus Retrograde ~ July 1 to Dec. 1, 2009

Image of Uranus, as seen by Voyager 2On July 1st, Uranus stations to join Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, and Pluto in retrograde motion. As with any retrograde planet, our focus turn inward. Uranus represents the idealist, reformist, and non-conformist in all of us who seek to improve the established and antiquated for the innovative and progressive that are more suitable for present-day situations. Uranus is the awakener of the zodiac ... stirring the pot ... rocking the boat. When he decides something needs change, he will do so, radically, shockingly, and at any cost -- a revolution or even chaos.

While Uranus was in Aquarius (unconventional) from 1996 to 2003, we watched technological advancements soar. The internet opened a whole new way of connecting with the world, obtaining information, conducting business, and even shopping. Since Uranus entered Pisces (interconnectedness), after having left Aquarius, we've seen a surge of social networking sites, making the world a little smaller by allowing us to connect with one another as if the other person is next door (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter) and an increase in socially responsible and humanitarian causes websites/services, offering the chance to make an impact through a click of a button (,, These are generalizations, of course, but mentioned to illustrate the societal/global influence of Uranus' transits.

On a personal level, Uranus is like a rebellious inner child that resides in all of us -- seeking freedom, protecting the unique individual, brainstorming ideas on how to create and implement the changes required for forward movement. When Uranus is retrograde, the focus/energy of this rebellious inner child turn inward. How do I attain/re-attain the personal freedom I seek/I've lost? How do I gain/regain my individuality? How do I exact the changes necessary to move me closer to my goals?

With this Uranus retrograde, allow your rebellious inner child to run free, think without boundaries, and conceptualize original ideas that bring you closer to achieving your objectives. In Pisces, Uranus' genius is expressed through Piscean traits. At best, Pisces is gentle, intuitive, sensitive, compassionate, insightful, and visionary. At worst, Pisces is confused and lost in its own imaginative world. With Pisces, there is a fine line between illusion and delusion, insight and deceit, love and sacrifice.

During this period, expect the unexpected in yourself, in others, and in the events unfolding around you, as well as around the world. Pisces governs all aspects of the subconscious. Secrets may be revealed. What's been hidden may be uncovered.

On the day he changes directions, Mercury (our mind, also communication) and Venus (our relationships, also money) make connections to Uranus (unpredictable, impulsive). Venus also finds herself in conflict with Chiron (wounds, also healing) and Neptune (insightful, also deceptive). We may get some surprises from our loved ones. Or perhaps we are the ones with the unexpected news. Our relationships may suffer some today. Avoid making major financial decisions today. Find positive and productive avenues for the restless energy surrounding us today. Allow Mercury, who is objective in Gemini, to calm and give logic to situations that arise today.

Uranus stations in Pisces on July 1st and will retrograde until December 1st. He begins his retrograde motion at 27 degrees, retraces his steps through to 23 degrees, and revisits the period back to approximately March 14 this year. Those with mutable Sun signs and born between March 13 to 18, June 13 to 19, September 15 to 21, and December 14 to 19 may be more influenced by this retrograde than others.

While Uranus is in retrograde, Saturn will oppose Uranus on September 15. This is a significant celestial event with far-reaching implications. This Saturn-Uranus opposition was last exact on November 4, 2008, which coincided with the U.S. Presidential election day.

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Image of Uranus, as seen by Voyager 2, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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