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Venus in Taurus ~ June 6 to July 5, 2009

Since Mars caught up to Venus back in April, Venus has been right behind him, continuing the chase. Well, Mars entered Taurus over the weekend; and this weekend, on June 6 at 5:06 a.m. (Eastern), Venus enters Taurus and will remain in Taurus until July 5.

Venus represents relationships (how we relate to others), love (how we love/how we want to be loved), our values (what we value in life & why), and money (financial status/material stability). In Aries, Venus is ardent, passionate, flirty, spontaneous, bold, confident, and driven by immediate gratification. By contrast in Taurus, Venus is home, where she is grounded and stable, values longer term connections, is driven by material security, and responds to the stimulation of our five senses.

For those in newly-found relationships, Venus in Taurus might incite the need to address "the status" of the relationship -- exclusive or open? For those in existing relationships, Venus in Taurus might question "where is this relationship going?," "where do we want this to go?," "where does this relationship fit in my life?," "do I even like you as a person?," "why am I really with you?," and the like. For those who are single and seeking, you can't meet your special someone while sitting in your room and reading this blog :)

Look to the house ruled by Taurus and/or Libra in your birth chart to get an idea of where Venus' energy might play out while she is in Taurus. Unsure of what house/s Venus in Taurus is visiting? Cast your own birth chart for use as reference -- birth date, time, and place required. Are you celebrating a birthday? Schedule a Solar Return or 3-Chart Package Reading. (Gift certificates also available). Request a quote for a more customized reading. Have a question? Ask me here.

Venus and Mars hookup again later this month for another smooch ... more on that soon.

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True color Venus image processing, courtesy of R. Nunes.

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