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New Moon in Gemini - May 24, 2009

New Moons signify rebirth, beginnings, a clean slate, the start of a new cycle. This new moon highlights Gemini qualities (cerebral, social, communicative) and 3rd house themes (information, dissemination, commerce, short trips, siblings).

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, who is currently moving in retrograde motion, allowing us the opportunity to assess situations from the different angle/point of view.

The Moon is easily excitable and changeable in Gemini. This new moon is uncomfortably linked to Pluto (transformation, innermost desires) in Capricorn (structure, reality), reminding us that our thoughts create our reality and dictate the energy we attract in our life.

Elsewhere in the sky, Jupiter (aspirations), Chiron (healing), and Neptune (enlightenment) blend energies in the sign of Aquarius (unorthodox), offering hope for much needed change through our individual efforts exerted with the intent to improve our personal lives. This planetary alignment is rare with long-term influence. Saturn (disciplined) in Virgo (practical), along with Venus (how we relate to others) and Mars (what motivates our actions) in Aries (bold/confident), help provide assurance that actions taken are deliberate and purposeful.

This new moon occurs at 4 degrees. What natal house will the new moon occupy in your birth chart? Click here to read about the New Moon in Houses.

For me, the new moon will be at odds with my Sun (being), aligned harmoniously to my Uranus (the awakener) and will happen in my 9th house (personal growth, higher education, intellectual curiosities); Gemini rules my 10th house (professional pursuits, long-term goals). This would be an opportune time for me to begin practicing awareness with how I think and what I think of, with the intent of creating my reality and inviting energies in my life that result in situations I desire to be in -- personally and professionally.

Allow this new moon cycle to help you adjust thought processes and communication styles, create the realities of your innermost dreams, and attract favorable energies around you.

For those doing the new moon wishes ritual, the moon will be new on May 24, 2009 at 8:11 a.m. (Eastern) and will be void of course the following day, on May 25 at 9:15 p.m. (Eastern).

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Illustration courtesy of Ainslee Roberts.

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