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Chiron Retrograde ~ May 30 to Oct. 31, 2009

This morning at 7:12 a.m. (Eastern), Chiron stations in preparation for retrograde movement lasting until October 31. Just yesterday, Neptune stationed and will be retrograde until November. Their parallel retrograde cycle marks an advantageous period to delve, penetrate, and bring to light deep-seated wounds/damages that have plagued and oppressed us for far too long. What is at the root of our brokenness, of what hurts us? Why carry the baggage we do?

When we have a headache, do we not reach for something to help alleviate the pain? Why then have we resigned to living with our afflictions, so much so that we've made concessions for them?

As a general rule when planets retrograde, we are granted the liberty of being able to experience the internal workings of that planet in retrograde. With Chiron, we are able to reflect, review, and repair. We become aware of the problem, the extent of the problem, the root of the problem, ushering in the solution and healing to the problem.

Chiron represents both what is broken and how to heal it. Unlike a headache where the discomfort can be dispelled by a pill, probing through the darkest recesses of our selves and piercing through our thickest walls to uncover what is at the root is a painstaking process, but well worth the effort.

Chiron transits Aquarius (the awakener), where his drives are motivated by improving situations that benefit the masses. As we heal the self, we are then able to turn around and help another heal their wounds. The favorable Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunctions continue to be a strong influence, bestowing upon us faith, hope, and openness.

Along with Neptune's retrograde, while also in Aquarius, we have the chance to get in touch with our spirituality and psychological self, giving us the capacity to really open ourselves to a world of hurt that no longer needs to be a part of our present or future. Be aware that Neptune is known to cause confusion and is easily tempted with escapism. Remind yourself of the healing process you are committed to achieving and fight excessive escapism. If clarity eludes you, ride the wave of confusion, and arrive at your destination ... enlightened.

Chiron will retrograde between 21 degrees and 27 degrees in Aquarius. Look to the natal house/s that Chiron is transiting to find out how this transit might play out in your life.

Those with planets or house angles between 21 degrees and 27 degrees of of air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) or fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) may be feel this Chiron and Neptune retrogrades more strongly.

Unsure if you have any planets or house angles in these degrees or what house/s Chiron is visiting? Cast your own birth chart by clicking here (opens a new window) -- birth date, time, and place required.

Mid-next month Jupiter, also transiting Aquarius, will retrograde. More on that in a few weeks...

Also, changing directions today -- Mercury in Taurus turns direct.

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Painting of Chiron and Achilles from the National Archaeological Museum, Naples.

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