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About Me

Hi, I’m Jan (astrogrrl), a self-taught astrologer whose mere curiosity for astrology has proven to be a life-long passion. I first studied astrology in 1993, long before I owned a personal computer or an astrology software to use with it. I cast my first birth chart (my own) by hand!

Although learning how to interpret was interesting and exciting, casting charts by hand and dealing with all those numbers left me a little discouraged. I was 23, after all! So, I forgot about the study of astrology for a while. I picked it up again in 1999, but became distracted with life, living, and the challenges of my Saturn Return. Ouch!

Third time was a charm, though. In 2003, under the umbrella of consecutive transiting Pluto squares (ouch again) against special points and natal planets on my birth chart, I decided to begin at the beginning, once again, with astrology. I committed to taking Susan Miller’s online course on Astrology Basics at the now defunct BNU (Barnes and Noble University).

Since then, my thirst for knowledge and learning the many facets of astrology continue to be insatiable. Hard as those transiting Pluto years may have been, Pluto’s influence gave me the focus I needed to match the intensity I felt for becoming proficient in reading charts. I began reading charts for friends, mostly for fun. Then in 2005, I offered readings professionally. I believe that astrology, when applied with wisdom, is a powerful tool that helps to live life in a more purposeful manner. Empowerment through foresight.

Although some things in life are fated like the family we are born into or the color of our skin, our destiny is still very much in our hands through the decisions we make or avoid and actions we take or avoid. Astrology readings are meant to give insight to help us in our individual journeys. Reading for a client is always a privilege and am humbled to be allowed a peek into a little part of their life, their journey.

A little more about me in a Twinterview on Wee World by Claire (@weeclaire on Twitter) ~ Click here.

Here is my birth chart, in case you're interested. (it's not the one I cast by hand. that one is long gone :)

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