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Triple Conjunction with Jupiter, Chiron & Neptune

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An Auspicious Celestial Meeting

The long-awaited, carefully watched rare meeting between Jupiter (faith), Chiron (healing), and Neptune (enlightenment) in the sign of Aquarius (the awakener) finally occurs this month! The collaborative energy between these three spiritual bodies have been slowly growing stronger for months.

On May 23, Jupiter's conjunction (cohesion) with Chiron peaks. A few days later, on May 27, Jupiter exacts his blending of energies with Neptune. Jupiter is expansive, opportunistic, and blissful; Chiron represents both what is broken and how to fix it; Neptune is spiritual, insightful, and transcendent. Their union in the innovative, idealistic, and civic-minded sign of Aquarius encourages the opportunity for spiritual healing and global transcendence.

Elsewhere in the sky, the friendly Gemini-Sun (conscious will) and Moon (inner drives) promote engaging interactions, especially as the Moon harmoniously aligns herself with Venus (relating) and the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction. Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn (the achiever) probes into the effectiveness and efficiencies of existing structures, foundations, and processes as they pertain to living in these present times. Mars (action) in Aries also links up with this rare combination of energies, promising dynamic and purposeful actions. Saturn (obligations) in Virgo (practical), now moving direct for the first time this year, ensures that the steps taken are well-planned and deliberate.

This conjunction's influence does not end this month. Jupiter will join forces with Neptune and Chiron again in July (Jupiter-Neptune; Jupiter-Chiron) and December 2009 (Jupiter-Neptune; Jupiter-Chiron); and Chiron will perfect his link with Neptune in 2010 that began in 2008. The strides made under this favorable alignment will produce results for the long-term.

This social gathering occurs at 27 degrees of Aquarius. What natal house will this conjunction influence in your life? For me, the winner is the 6th house of health, work, service, and routines. The Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction trine (in harmony) my natal Jupiter and square (at odds) my natal Neptune, giving this transiting conjunction a greater depth of influence in my life. The natal houses ruled by Jupiter and Neptune may also be influenced by this transit; personally, Jupiter rules my natal 4th house (home, family, inner drives, the past) and Neptune, my natal 7th house (partnerships, committed relationships).

Together, let's make sure this rare and promising opportunity does not pass without us adding our individual contributions to it. Taking advantage of what's being offered to us on a personal level aids in making a difference, collectively, toward a more enlightened humanity.

Unsure how this triple conjunction benefits you or which natal house/s Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune now transit your chart? Cast your own birth chart and match the Aquarius sign and degree to find out. Or schedule a session for a personalized reading. Or hop on over to the AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks Forum* to start or join in on a discussion.

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Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune Conjunction in Houses*
*Does not account for intercepted birth charts
or house cusps decanate designation

Aries / Aries Rising - 11th House
Transit in the 11th house might influence your friendships and associations; the way you view the world and its societies; or humanity as a whole and your place in it, as well as your joint responsibility to it. Becoming more civic-minded, signing up for volunteer activities, committing selfless acts, or appealing to the masses to deliver an impassioned message are examples of what this transit might include.

Taurus / Taurus Rising - 10th House
Focus on professional pursuits and long-term goals might take center stage with this transit, as well as establishing or re-establishing your public reputation. If there have been rumblings from deep within to chart a new course or change careers, this is a great time to make solid plans and measured steps toward new endeavors. If consistent strides are already being made, then this conjunction's transit will give your productive efforts a bigger increase.

Gemini / Gemini Rising - 9th House
Personal growth (spiritual or otherwise) through higher education, intellectual curiosities, travel, and cultural experiences might be highlighted, as well as the pursuit for continuing education or higher learning. The 9th house also represents publishing so, if you've penned a novel, non-fiction, or poetry and have been dreaming of being published, allow this transit to give that dream the necessary push.

Cancer / Cancer Rising - 8th House
The 8th house is multi-faceted and multi-layered. In the physical realm, the 8th house represents sex and shared resources/finances. In the psychological plane, it represents power struggles within our own psychological makeup and our ability to embrace the "darker" version of our self without it overpowering us. On a spiritual level, it represents "death and rebirth", transformation, regeneration -- the need for something to "die" in order for a "rebirth" to occur -- as in a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Transits to the 8th house are generally the most difficult but are also the most powerful.

Leo / Leo Rising - 7th House
Partnerships (business or otherwise), marriages, committed relationships, and known enemies are all representatives of the 7th house. Changes to relationships -- equality, cooperations, compromises, agreements, how we relate to others, how they relate to us -- might be issues that come up during this transit. For those who are late-born Leos born on August 19 (+/- 2 days) or Leo-Rising at 26 degrees, this conjunction opposes your Sun/Rising sign, giving its influence more depth, intensity, and longer lasting effects.

Virgo / Virgo Rising - 6th House
Health, busy work, service, comfort in routines, and finding order in the details are all ruled by the 6th house. This transit might bring about lifestyle changes in health habits, becoming comfortable with taking on the role of someone who "services" others, or perhaps learning to establish boundaries with those who might take advantage of kind gestures.

Libra / Libra Rising - 5th House
Self-expression, creative projects, love and romance, fun, playfulness, and children are all ruled by the 5th house. Allow this transit to awaken creativity, spark love, boost confidence, and/or bring simple pleasures back into your life. A more difficult transit might bring up issues related to childhood.

Scorpio / Scorpio Rising - 4th House
In the physical realm, a transit through the 4th house might involve the family (present or recurring issues) or the home (buying/selling a house, moving, re-financing, re-decorating, remodeling, etc.). On an emotional/personal level, it represents coming to terms with the past or unresolved family issues. This Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction bestows a forward-moving energy. Let go what holds you back (people, belief systems, thought patterns, emotional crutches) and begin to take steps toward a future you envision.

Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising - 3rd House
For those with siblings (biological or otherwise), this transit might highlight a renewal in relationships and interactions with them. The 3rd house also represents communication, commerce, writing, speaking, thinking, planning, and ideas. If you've ever been interested in teaching, mentoring, motivational speaking, or authoring, this is a good time to do something about it.

Capricorn / Capricorn Rising - 2nd House
In the physical realm, the 2nd house represents our material possessions, income, value system, and self-worth. On a higher plane, it represents stability, inner peace, and being grounded through our own self-sufficiency. In these times of economic stress, this conjunction's transit through the 2nd house might remind us that our true worth does not lie in our possessions and inner peace cannot be achieved through material means.

Aquarius / Aquarius Rising - 1st House
The 1st house represents the self, our self-image, our being, our potential. How lucky for Aquarians to benefit from all that this conjunction has to offer?! A boost in self-confidence, heightened self-awareness, and increased social success; "breaking away from the norm"; forging one's own way in their own manner are themes of this conjunction's transit through the 1st house. With Saturn, now in direct motion, for the first time this year, there's nothing holding you back! Dream big, commit to your dreams, and take one consistent step forward as often as you can.

Pisces / Pisces Rising - 12th House
A challenging transit, the 12th house, like the 8th house, is also multi-faceted and multi-layered. It is the house of the subconscious, solitude, spiritual consciousness, secrets (ours and those kept from us), hidden enemies, and represents institutions like hospitals and prisons. A transit through the 12th house might require a period of "aloneness" in order to "recharge" and sort through issues being presented subconsciously and psychologically. The most effective way to process a transit through this house is surrender ... give in to the much needed spiritual healing offered and clarity will follow.

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