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Uranus Direct ~ December 5, 2010

Uranus 13 Rings via National Geographic

After five months of being in retrograde, Uranus stations direct on December 5th. Although Uranus' retrograde cycle began in Aries, he has since returned to Pisces where he'll remain only until March 11, 2011. So, this is his last few months transiting Pisces. After March, he won't revisit Pisces again for approximately 84 years.

As taken from previous posts:

Uranus is the awakener, the mover and shaker of the zodiac. His goal is change/improvement for the masses at any cost, even at the cost of chaos or a revolution. Uranus represents humanitarianism, unconventionality, unpredictability, indifference, freedom, technological advancements, and loyalty to its cause. Uranus' energy is radical, disruptive, rebellious and innovative.

Pisces is imaginative, creative, receptive and peace-loving. Pisces governs mysticism, spirituality, intuition, dreams, psychic abilities, compassion, sacrificial love, escapism, drug/substance abuse, phobias and mental problems. At best, Pisces is spiritually/psychically attune to the inner-workings within the "unseen" world and able to apply this awareness in the "seen" world. At worst, deluded, diffident and incapable of functioning in the physical realm.

Since Uranus first entered Pisces (interconnectedness) in 2003, we've seen a surge of social networking sites, making the world a little smaller by allowing us to connect with one another as if the other person is next door (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter) and an increase in socially responsible and humanitarian causes websites/services, offering the chance to make an impact through a click of a button (,, These are generalizations, but mentioned to illustrate the societal/global influence of Uranus' transit.

On a personal level, Uranus is like a rebellious inner child that resides in all of us -- seeking freedom, protecting the unique individual, brainstorming ideas on how to create and implement the changes required for forward movement.
During the next months, as Uranus goes over his final steps in Pisces, let's find the best way to express Piscean ideals (before Uranus' re-enters Aries for the next 7 years) -- interconnectedness, enlightenment, gentleness, intuition, sensitivity, compassion, insightful, transcendence, and being spiritually awakened. Everything in moderation, however. Keep in mind that with Pisces, there is a fine line between illusion and delusion, insight and deceit, love and sacrifice.

For much of December, Jupiter and Uranus will make their way through Pisces side by side. Their meeting culminates early in January before Jupiter makes his final exit from Pisces later in that month. For much of December and January, events or situations from around May/June 2010 may be revisited or may seem reminiscent to that period, as Jupiter and Uranus relive their time together over the same degrees in Pisces. If this is true for your situation, use this energy now to finish what may have been left hanging or maybe muster up whatever faith might be needed to jump over whatever hurdle is before you...this hurdle may be linked to decisions made/actions taken in May/June of this year. Be open and aware, their energy may also manifest by enlightening upon what's been unclear or uncovering what's been hidden.

With Mercury retrograde (introspective) for much of December, the end of the year makes for an ideal period of reflection and planning. Together, Mercury retrograde and this Jupiter-Uranus energy plus the Lunar/Solar Eclipses (December 21/January 4, respectively), December could be a month that helps get 2011 off to a more purposeful start to new year. Incidentally, Jupiter and Uranus also have their last conjunction in Pisces happening on January 4, 2011.

As previously mentioned in my original post back in May, My only word of caution is -- keep in mind that this Jupiter-Uranus energy is happening in the sign of Pisces. It's one thing to gain insight and grounding through the optimism and overall good feeling their growing conjunction might bring. It's quite another to become attached to this 'good feeling' and give in to avoidance or total escape. Allow Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces to help you find your center again but don't 'check out'. Continue to 'show up' every moment of each day.On the day Uranus ends his retrograde cycle, Mercury conjuncts Pluto, giving us a focused mind to penetrate through whatever might be hiding the truth we seek; and the New Moon in Sagittarius will have just occurred a few hours earlier, offering us a renewal through expanding our horizon/shifting our perception/learning through experience.

Pisceans and Virgos born late in their signs, late-decan Pisces and Virgo risings and those with natal planets/house angles within 28-29 degrees of mutable or water signs; or between 0-1 degree of cardinal signs may easily recognize the effects of this energy more strongly than others.

How might Uranus' transit impact your life? Look to the house governed by Pisces or if you have your natal chart, look at where Pisces at 26 degrees falls in your chart. This is the area Uranus is currently transiting. Unsure if you have natal planets/house angles between 26 degrees of Pisces and zero degree of Aries? Cast your own birth chart -- birth date, time and place required.

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Uranus 13 Rings. Image credit and copyright to National Geographic.

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