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LuvScopes Posted! ~ December 10 to 13, 2010

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*Day/time references are North America PST.

The weekend kicks off with Mercury (thought/communication) slowwwwwwing things down as he stations in preparation for retrograde motion. To makes more interesting, Mercury links up with Venus (relationships) while he stations. Both Mercury and Venus are in headstrong signs (Capricorn/Scorpio, respectively) which are also signs focused on the longer term issues. The Sun (conscious will) remains in open-minded Sagittarius, while Mars (aggression/motivation) continues to transit determined Capricorn with Mercury.

Friday, the Aquarius-Moon adds some unpredictability to the evening. By late Saturday morning, the Moon slips into calmer, more compassionate Pisces. Hopefully, this energy shift helps with managing whatever havoc Mercury's retrograde may be causing.


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