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Mercury Revisits Sagittarius ~ Dec. 18, 2010-Jan. 13, 2011

Sagittarius oil painting by Andre Dluhos

Mercury remains retrograde until November 29/30 and from December 18 to January 13, he revisits Sagittarius. He began his retrograde cycle on December 10 while in Capricorn.

Within the first few days (Dec. 19-21; +/-2 days of influence) that Mercury is back in Sagittarius, he links up with the Sun (conscious will/potential), gets friendly with Chiron (healing/release) and Neptune (insight/hope), while challenging Uranus (awakening/radical change) and Jupiter (ideals/opportunities). It's a promising few days to make amends, where necessary; gain greater understanding on a persisting issue; become enlightened to something that might have previously unclear or burdensome; come to terms about a situation that may have been weighing heavily on you; or any number of things that requires the process awareness, acceptance, release/healing, and moving forward.

From December 18 to 30, Mercury retraces his steps beginning at 29 degrees and back to 19 degrees of Sagittarius; then from December 31 to January 13, upon moving direct once more, Mercury goes back over these same degrees for a third and final time. What could possibly mean? How might we make use of this repetitive pass over the same areas in our individual astrological houses?

Let's think back to the first time Mercury visited 19 to 29 degrees of Sagittarius this year. That period was around November 22 to 30. Were there any events or issues then that remain unresolved? Were ideas formed that never made it to the planning or launch stage? Were there thoughts that didn't find a voice or an audience to would listen to them? If not, no biggie. If there were, however, then this upcoming period when Mercury returns to Sagittarius from December 18 to January 13 can be a time when you pick up where you might have left things off. Perhaps, it's time for forgiveness -- not just of others, but also of the self. Maybe, a solution that wasn't available then is now an option to consider. Or come to terms with something that cannot be changed or remedied and exert focus toward an alternative avenue. Had an idea, then and still passionate about it now? Why not think things over and develop that idea into something more? Mercury's re-entrance in Capricorn next month (January 13 to February 3) would be an ideal time to concretize plans or actually make those ideas a reality.

Maybe we don't even have to go back as far as November. In the days approaching December 10 (Mercury's station day) misunderstandings, miscommunication, disagreements, broken promises, or disappointments may have occurred that may still remain a sensitive topic/issue. In Capricorn, Mercury can be headstrong, unyielding, and righteous. However, Sagittarian energy is more tolerant, understanding, and open to discussion.

In general, Mercury's return to Sagittarius is an an ideal time to think big, have faith, be optimistic, be reminded of your ideals/dreams, and stimulate the mind by entertaining curiosities, especially when interacting with others. Sagittarius is the sign of expansion ... so expand -- your horizons, your perception, your dreams, your creativity, your world. Create your own opportunities. Flip a negative experience into something that positively impacts your or another's life. Envision the larger picture, even while still managing the finer points of a situation, an event, an object, or your dealings with another. In its purest, most authentic form, Sagittarius is the sign of the sage. So, exercise some of that wisdom :)

As Mercury nears his exit from Sagittarius (Jan. 10 & 11; +/-2 days for influence), he once again aligns with Chiron, Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter in the exact same manner. The main difference, being, that Mercury will be moving direct during this time. We are given another chance to make whatever changes we need to make, that helps us 'lighten our load' as we look forward to getting our new year started!

For me, as a Virgo-rising, the first few days of Mercury's transit in Sagittarius falls in my natal 4th house (family/home/private life) and then proceeds to my natal 3rd house (thought/communication/siblings); and as a Cancer-Sun, in my solar 6th house (work/health/service). Whether or not there's family drama to deal with, I can set my focus toward work and being productive with planning for 2011; continuing to regularly practice reiki and manage my health/stress levels; and being mindful of my physical/emotional/spiritual/mental needs for quality alone time.

How might Mercury's return to Sagittarius influence you? Look to the natal house/s ruled by Sagittarius. Match the sign and degrees with the house cusps on your birth chart. Use the list of zodiac signs below to identify the Sagittarius zodiac sign on your birth chart then click here for a brief explanation of Mercury transiting those houses.

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Image of "Sagittarius" - oil painting. Credit and copyright to Andre Dluhos.

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