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Mercury Direct ~ December 29/30, 2010

Mercury by Francesco Righetti

Mercury has been retrograde since December 10. At that time, he was transiting transiting the early degrees of Capricorn. But more recently on December 18, he returned to Sagittarius where he remains until January 13, 2011. Mercury represents how we think, talk, interact and react; and also governs transportation, commerce and trade. Now as we close out the year, Mercury stations to begin moving direct again on December 29 at 11:21 p.m. PST / December 30 at 2:21 a.m. EST.

The 3 days approaching and after Mercury's station days (December 29 & 30) may result in continued delays, frustration, miscommunication, misunderstanding, etc. So, make allowances for these things. Opt for more tolerance. Give someone the benefit of a doubt, especially if events/issues arising presently may be out of character for them. Leave extra early for appointments. Reread important documents/agreements and ask yourself questions to ensure you understand every point or line item within the document. Preparation is key; and in situations where there's no time to prepare, then being more understanding will go a long way in interactions, as well as maintaining one's personal inner peace. Mars (aggression/assertion) and Saturn (stern/disciplinarian) are also at odds during the last days in December and could very add fuel whatever challenges Mercury may already be going through as he gets acclimated to his change of direction and speed.

Until approximately January 16, we may be reliving much of might have occurred as far back as late November, while Mercury revisits 19 degrees of Sagittarius up to 6 degrees of Capricorn. Obstacles removed. Misunderstandings clarified and relationships mended/mending. No more delays. Things, slowly but surely, starting to come together. Opportunities arising when none could be found just weeks prior. However the first few weeks of the new year might play out in your life, this is a period where you can take control of your thoughts and how you choose to communicate what's on your mind or how you interact with others. Although there may seem many things in your world now that are beyond your control, you always have the ability of what you thoughts you feed your mind and what attitude you choose to express yourself with. And that more of a difference than you might realize :)

With a New Moon Solar Eclipse occurring just days after we ring in the new year, events/situations in each of our personal world may seem to be speeding up, especially since we're coming out of the lull of Mercury's retrograde cycle. This eclipsed new moon also happens on the same day Jupiter and Uranus perfect their conjunction (blending of energies). Try to keep your mind and concentration focused on your objectives. It's easy to get swept away with what may be happening around you, and perhaps, even within your inner sanctum ... an impatience, the need to fulfill something right now or an overoptimism/overestimation of your actual reality. It's important to realize that success in achieving goals (may they be big or small, personal or professional) will require a solid plan with decisive and determined steps. Mars in Capricorn should help with keeping our actions conservative for in pragmatic Capricorn, Mars understands that rushing in or acting/deciding because there may be a fear of loss (loss of time, opportunity or faith, etc.) might end up giving you more work than necessary or taking a longer route instead of a more direct one or result in mistakes that could have been avoided.

Those with natal planets or house angles around 19 degrees of mutable signs may experience the frustration of Mercury's station days more strongly than others. Unsure if you have any natal planets/house angles around 19 degrees of mutable signs or where 19 degrees of Sagittarius to 6 degrees of Capricorn falls in your birth chart, cast your own birth chart to find out -- birth date, time, and place required.

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Image - Statue of Mercury in bronze by Francesco Righetti

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