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LuvScopes Posted! ~ December 3 to 5, 2010

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love in a cup of joe

*Day/time references are North America PST.

Friday starts off a little rocky with Mars (aggression) and Uranus (the unexpected) battling it out. With the Moon (heart) and Venus (love) in Scorpio, pincers are ready to strike and the venomous tail prime for attack. Fortunately, the Scorpio-Moon makes a beautiful angle with Jupiter before the evening ends and amends may be made before bed time.

The Moon lightens her mood upon entering Sagittarius on Saturday morning and prepares for the New Moon occurring on the following day, Sunday. But with Mercury (thought) conjunct Pluto (control), interactions may intensify anyway. We seek a deeper level of connection with others. Conversations are more meaningful. There's also greater focus on the matter at hand. Plus, anything is possible when the planet of surprises, Uranus, shifts his energy by stationing direct.


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