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Saturn Oppose Uranus at Aries Point ~ July 26, 2010

Saturn returns to the relationships sign, Libra, on July 21 and while at Aries Point opposes Uranus, who is also at Aries Point in Aries. Their opposition perfects on July 26 and is the final installment of a series of Saturn-Uranus oppositions which first culminated on November 4, 2008, then again on February 5 and September 15, 2009, and followed by April 26, 2010. Whatever may have begun or initiated, as early as 2008, culminates during this last meeting between Saturn (old) and Uranus (new), two polarizing energies that seeks balance between getting rid of the old and adopting the new.

This time, however, the element surrounding their challenging alignment is cardinal energy and at Aries Point. Cardinal signs take action; their energy leads, creates and initiates. Here, esteemed astrologer, Celeste Teal, explains the term "Aries Point":

The true Aries Point degree is 0 Aries, however, the 0 degree of the four Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are all referred to as Aries Point degrees. This beginning degree of the Cardinal signs has similar connotations to the angles of a chart and is an indicator of eventful times when occupied by a planet or found on a house cusp. These points are indicative of a spectacular out rush of energies. There is frequently an involvement with the world at large. Outsiders or those who’re considered an expert in some area becomes involved in one’s personal matters. Ramifications of events often have a domino effect into each personal area of the life as represented by these four Cardinal points: personal, family, relationships and status.This is Saturn's third pass through Libra at Aries Point. Previous dates include last year on October 29 to November 8, 2009 and earlier this year from March 26 to April 7, 2010. Perhaps, third time's a charm. Should you find unresolved issues or events from either or both those periods recurring in your world while Saturn is at zero degree of Libra again (this time from July 21 to August 2, 2010), don't despair but do take action. You are most likely being offered a chance to finally repair or resolve the situation. This could also be a time when you're able to reflect upon that period and see how far you've come...a final look back, maybe. However, Saturn's return to Libra at Aries Point may manifest in your world, this opposition between Saturn and Uranus is about giving up the old and obsolete for the new and applicable with the ultimate goal of improvement for the majority.

In Libra, Saturn's focus is on relationships ~ with others, another or even the self. Saturn shows us the reality of our situation, no matter how painfully difficult it is to see the truth. It is our job to face such truths and accept our reality in our most sober state. In Aries, Uranus' focus is on the self ~ becoming conscious of its potential, being driven to achieve. Uranus is the awakener and, once 'awakened', is unstoppable from forging ahead making changes ... even at any cost. Where in your life have you been asleep? or running on auto-pilot? What in your life are you ready to break away from? to revolutionize?

This Saturn-Uranus opposition is part of a greater force occurring this period. Since May with Uranus and Jupiter collaborating together, then each leaving Pisces to enter Aries and finally perfecting their alliance early June, cardinal forces have been gaining momentum and intensifying the impatient, sometimes frustrated, energy surrounding us. The Lunar Eclipse/Grand Cross late June released a bit of that tension. Now, this opposition between Saturn and Uranus takes part in a Cardinal T-square where Pluto in Capricorn is the focal point, creating a sense of being pushed up against a wall and forced to make a move ... any movement, in any direction, just to lighten the forceful tension (cardinal t-square article to follow). In a previous post, I described a Cardinal T-Square as: A square is the most difficult and challenging relationship between two planets. It is an impatient energy that requires action. A square is conflict, war between two celestial bodies. There is a need to create something birthed from inside us and to manifest that creation out into the world -- may it be in your own personal world, your immediate environment or something that influences many. A t-square embodies the energy of two squares plus an opposition. An opposition is a tense relationship between planets that require balance. Add cardinal to the mix -- cardinal signs take action; they lead, create and initiate. So, the combined energy of a cardinal t-square makes for something that's impatient, dynamic and eager to do something...anything.
Whatever changes (in our external world, within our emotional state, spiritual realm or psychological plane) may be necessary can now be definitively decided upon and acted upon. Steps taken while under this active cardinal energy have lasting effects and full impact may continue to manifest for months, even years, to come. The key is awareness of truth (Uranus), commitment to make the changes for improvement (Saturn), balance between the old but still useful and the new that replaces what's antiquated (opposition) and action/doing what needs to be done (t-square).

Although we are all recipients of what this energy has to offer, early-born cardinal signs may experience this energy stronger than others. Also, those with natal Saturn at zero degree in Libra may get an extra dose of this energy, for they will also be going through their Saturn Return. And those celebrating their birthday in July, especially after July 21st, are in for an amazing, challenging personal year ahead, as their Solar Return occurs at the height of this Cardinal T-square energy.

Look to the astrological house/s where zero degree of Libra and Aries fall in your natal and/or solar charts to get an idea of where in your life this opposition's energy may manifest in. Don't have your natal chart handy? Cast your own birth chart -- birth date, time, and place required.

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