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Chiron Returns to Aquarius~Jul. 20, 2010-Feb. 8, 2011

While retrograde, Chiron steps out of Pisces and returns to Aquarius on July 20, where he remains until February 8, 2011. When he re-enters Pisces next year, Chiron will not return to Aquarius for approximately another 50 years. Chiron revisits 29 degrees and back to 26 degrees of Aquarius from July 20, 2010 to February 8, 2011.

Taken from a previous post:

Chiron represents both what is broken and how to heal it. Unlike a headache where the discomfort can be dispelled by a pill, probing through the darkest recesses of our selves and piercing through our thickest walls to uncover what is at the root is a painstaking process, but well worth the effort.

Upon Chiron's return to Aquarius (the awakener), we are awakened to what we may have been doing for the sake of life in auto-pilot and making decisions that reflect what's safe or doesn't take much effort or rock the boat. But when looking at the bigger picture, longer term effects are actually more destructive to us. Becoming aware should stir the consciousness to make changes. As we heal the self, we are then able to turn around and help another heal their wounds without sacrificing our own personal growth and needs.

Returning to Aquarius re-activates the conjunction between Chiron and Neptune that culminated mid-February. They joined forces "to help release fears, heal past hurts, let go of mentally wounding thoughts/ideas, give up old ways or bad habits while at the same time giving us hope and insight; we are shown truth and reality that go beyond what we can mentally process, visually witness and audibly experience." Although they will not perfect their alignment this time around, they do remain close enough to each other for months to make an impact. Their alliance is strongest around November to December 2010, where they receive a boost from the Lunar Eclipse at 29 degrees in Gemini on December 21st that trines this Chiron-Neptune conjunction.

Along with Chiron, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus are also currently in their retrograde cycle and energies are turned inward, introspective.

Another shift in celestial energy on this same week -- Saturn changes signs the following day on July 21, he re-enters Libra, where he remains until October 2012.

Those with house angles or natal planets between 26 and 29 degrees of Aquarius or fixed signs may experience this transit stronger than others. Those with their natal Chiron at 26 to 29 degrees of Aquarius will have their Chiron Return for a third and final pass, offering a true "healing" to deeply-rooted "wounds". Unsure if you have natal planets/house planets on or around 26 to 29 degrees of Aquarius? Cast your own birth chart -- birth date, time and place required.

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Giorgio Sommer & Edmond Behles ~ "Chiron and Achilles". Image courtesy of Wikimedia.

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