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WeeklyScopes ~ July 12 to 18, 2010

Hello friends,

There was a problem posting the week's horoscopes at so, I've copied and pasted the WeeklyScopes below. Apologies for the any inconvenience.

WeeklyScopes for the week beginning July 12

ARIES ~ Whether you're playing catch up or planning to get a few steps ahead, this is the week to do it. The practical, collaborative approach will serve you well if you can keep the ego in check.

TAURUS ~ Your ruler, Venus, enters your house of pleasure which is a good reminder that all work and no play makes for an unbalanced way of life. Inject some fun in your week. Enjoy the little pleasures that are easily taken for granted.

GEMINI ~ Things happen. Beyond your control, even. And just as quickly as they had disrupted that moment in your life, they abruptly end. The event itself is unpleasant, but what matters more is the ultimate result/s – not in the immediate, but in the larger scope.

CANCER ~ There's a dangerous feeling, maybe deep down inside, that anything is possible; and even whatever may be improbable is not necessarily impossible. It's dangerous because it stirs emotions, shakes up mental activities and questions whether what's practical or safe is enough.

LEO ~ Mercury entered your sign recently. You're typically not one to be short for words, but you may have held back your tongue more often than usual over the past few weeks. Express yourself freely now; and do so with purpose.

VIRGO ~ There is wisdom to be gained from others. Consider the source, however. Be discriminating. Determine whether the information being dispensed is rooted in sincerity and love. Be teachable. Immense wisdom and knowledge await.

LIBRA ~ It's okay if you have a change of heart or even a few times over :) Something secret, hidden or information previously unavailable comes to light this week. Take your time to process what you now know. “See” the situation through a new set of eyes and do make a choice by week's end.

SCORPIO ~ What do you want to accomplish this week? It's a short span of time, but it can be incredibly fruitful. The key is focus. Watch where your attention is concentrated on. That is where the flow of energy will be generous. So, focus your intention and attention on your goal.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Expand your horizons. Get out of hermit mode. Dream a little dream. Plan. Make strides toward them. Small, sure steps. You have more support than you might imagine – family, trusted friends and through new connections yet to make.

CAPRICORN ~ Depending on the intent, the straight and shortest way between point A and point B is usually preferred; although, the scenic route may provide more awe. This week, the way to your destination may require a different path or a few detours. Try enjoying the journey.

AQUARIUS ~ Lighten your load. Getting 'unstuck' from the pickle you find yourself in will require skillful maneuvering to wiggle out. After you've pulled yourself out and gathered yourself together, there's a mountain to climb. The climb to the top is well worth the sacrifice though.

PISCES ~ Communication, even if heated with voices raise, can open up any topic or issue that leads to fuller understanding. Opting for non-confrontation may be tempting this week, but open discussion is what leads to resolution. Even if it's one you may fear, it opens up a path to what's ahead.

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