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Saturn-rx Oppose Uranus ~ April 26, 2010

The fourth of five oppositions between Saturn and Uranus perfect again on April 26. Its first occurrence was on November 4, 2008, then twice last year on February 5 and September 15, 2009. Their final opposition will be on July 26, 2010 and will be in cardinal signs (Saturn in Libra and Uranus in Aries). Their alignment on April 26 is the last opposition between Virgo (Saturn) and Pisces (Uranus).

This push-pull tension between Saturn and Uranus represents the old (Saturn) versus the new (Uranus) -- the fight between holding on to what has been and abandoning these old ways for newer methods that reflect the present and moving towards the future.

Saturn returned to Virgo earlier this month. With that, he moves closer to opposing Uranus again, just as Uranus' transit in Pisces draws to a close. Their meeting on April 26 occurs at 28 degrees of Virgo and Pisces. Those born within 3 days of March 18 and September 20 or those with natal planets/house angles on or around 28 degrees of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) may feel the affects of this opposition stronger than others.

Seeking harmony between the old ways and newer methods remain the focus of this Saturn-Uranus opposition, much like the photo I've chosen for this post that shows the contrast between the new and old architecture co-existing (Avenida Florida, Buenos Aires, Argentina). While we remain under the umbrella of the Saturn-Pluto square and with the Cardinal T-Square and Cross coming up this summer, there is no doubt that change -- life-altering, uprooting kind/s of change -- is inevitable. It's simply a matter of whether or not we'll fight it, fear it, welcome it, or work with it.

Back to astrology basics ... Saturn represents structure, proven methods, realities, restrictions, commitment, hard work. Uranus represents radical change with the goal of improvement for the masses, unconventionality, unique solutions to common or existing issues, a new look at an old problem. An opposition is a tense, challenging, hard energy that seeks and requires balance between the planets involved which, in this case, are Saturn and Uranus. What has been the norm is questioned. Is this established norm still functioning effectively? Does it still represent the good of the whole?

Issues that may have begun, were definitively decided upon, or became concrete around September 15, 2009 (or maybe even as far back as November 4, 2008) might be revisited now. Or perhaps, events now may be reminiscent to those periods even if they aren't directly linked. With Saturn, Pluto and Mercury all retrograde, this meeting with Saturn and Uranus is a time to take stock on where things stand and where to go from here -- how much of what's occurred are in sync with what your plans might have originally been? how off are you? is the reason for the gap valid? perhaps, on the road to moving forward and making changes, you took turns or were led to places you didn't expect to venture into. are you at peace with being there/here now? or do you feel it's time to leave the detour and return to your original course? or maybe, you're mulling over a completely different course ...

As a country, our last presidential election that fell on November 4, 2008 was also when this opposition perfected for the first time. I can't find a better example of the energy represented by this opposition between Saturn and Uranus than the result of that election day when Barack Obama won the Presidency -- breaking away (Uranus) from the what has long been established (Saturn).

However, for me, the September 15, 2009 opposition was the stronger force of change for me. As a late-decan Virgo-rising, that September Saturn-Uranus opposition produced the combination of conjunctions, oppositions, and squares to my natal Pluto and house angles followed by transiting Saturn finally crossing over and entering my 1st house (self, potential). Before 2009 ended, I made consecutive choices that led to completely overhauling my life, internally as well as externally.
This time around, Saturn and Uranus' alignment touches my Neptune (what's hidden) adding to Pluto (purging) currently opposing my Sun (conscious will); and by summertime, Saturn (reality) will square (struggle with) my Sun, intensifying the existing Pluto opposition. All the while, Neptune squares my Neptune (ouch). So basically, all that really means is that I remain in the midst of this haze of change. There's never a day without a challenge. Some are more difficult than others. Most are welcome but a few make me want to crawl inside my Cancer-Sun's shell and wait for worst to pass :) But "showing up" is what matters, right? Change doesn't happen overnight. It's a process. Committing and re-committing to following through with what's been started and continuing the course are what creates the new foundation for the changes that are being established.

The World Has Changed:
Wake up & smell
The possibility.


The world has changed:
Don't let

"The World Has Changed"
Alice Walker
December 7, 2008

So, how has this Saturn-Uranus opposition influence in your life thus far? What natal and/or solar houses does this alignment activate? Look to the Virgo and Pisces-ruled houses in your birth chart. Use the list below to identify the Virgo and Pisces zodiac signs. Match the sign and degree.

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For those without a birth chart or are unsure of what houses this alignment will activate, you may cast your own birth chart for use as reference -- birth date, time, and place required. Request a quote for a personalized Saturn or Uranus Transit reading. Or head over to the AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks Forum* to start or join in on a discussion.

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The old and new co-existing. Avenida Florida, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo taken during a vacation to Buenos Aires a few years ago.

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